One Piece finally reveals Dr. Vegapunk Real


During all the development that One Piece has had, they have talked about mysteries that have not been resolved until today, there are the identity of Luffy’s mother, to the true meaning of the Polyps. And now, one of the greatest enigmas has been resolved after years, that is the true aspect of the famous Dr. Vega punk.

The update is courtesy of the most recent chapter. This whole act has taken a look at the genius when he let his attendees greet the straw hat one by 1. However, the main responsible was revealed for the end, and the appearance might not be something that many fans really expected.

As can be seen in the image, man is definitely an old man with a particular resemblance to the genius Albert Einstein. The two men share similar facial hair, and Dr. Vega punk dresses as the scientist. In fact, it looks much less threatening than we were painted in silhouettes and stories of other characters.

Now that our heroes have met this great name, it is possible that the Varadero meaning of their clones is revealed, as well as the process of elaboration behind the robots known as pacifists. That would attract the attention that they propose to join as a scientist of the straw hat, after all the union of another crew member on the ship is still lacking.

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note: It is good that the creator of the manga solves these unknowns, since for years it had been expected that the doctor will appear before the characters. Now it is expected that it will happen in the next episode.

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