Lost Arc starts to apply for participation in 2022 Loaon Winter

MMORPG Lost Arc of Smile gate RPG (CEO Jong-il) announced on the 10th (Thu) that it will release the schedule and information of ‘2022 Loan Winter’ to meet adventurers this winter.

‘Roan’ is a festival for adventurers who communicate with adventurers who enjoy Lost Arc and introduce Lost Arc’s update direction. Starting with the first hosting in December 2020, it has been held every year, and it has become a representative communication event, with the largest number of simultaneous viewers of online live exceeding 310,000.


The 2022 Loan Winter will be held at ‘Four Seasons Hotel Seoul’ from 3 pm on December 18 (Sunday). In the field, a total of 200 adventurers will be invited to present different memories through dinner and various pre-events from 1 pm before the start of the event. All programs of this event are also broadcast live online, including lost arc official YouTube channels.

On-site participation will be made through the lost arc official website until November 20 (Sun). Battle Level LV. Any adventurer with 50 or more characters can apply and can apply for up to one person. Participants who will be invited to the site will be released on Wednesday, November 30.

Meanwhile, Smile gate RPG will hold a pre-question for the 2022 Loan Winter and the ‘Adventure Exhibition Works’ event. First, through the ‘Precision Registration of Preliminary Questions’ event, 20023 Black Rabbit Mock Calendar and Gang Pad will be given to 200 people through the lottery. The registered question is a separate selection process and a time for developers to respond directly to the 2022 Loan Winter.

In addition, through the ‘Application of Adventure Exhibition’ event, you can apply for fan art with Lost Arc, and ‘Lost Arc PC peripheral set’ for 10 outstanding winners and ‘2023 Black Rabbit Mock’ for 100 winners. Pay calendar and Jangled as a gift. The works selected through the event will be exhibited in the Roan Winter venue.

The detailed information on 2022 Loan Winter will be released later.

Smile gate RPG Suwon-gil said, I am so happy and new to hold ‘Roan’, which was only online to prevent the spread of the corona 19 infectious diseases. We will do our best to be well held as a place of unity that can communicate directly in the field and build memories. I ask for your interest.

For more information about Lost Arc, visit the lost arc official website.

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