Umamusume Litigation delegation, submitted a lawsuit

The delegation of the lawsuit of the Uranus Me Pretty Teacher Consumer Group Litigation (Director Kim Byung-soo and spokesman Lee Chul-woo) announced on November 10 at 11:00 am on November 10 that he submitted a statement of the lawsuit to the Seoul Central District Court.

‘Uranus Me Pretty Derby’ is a mobile game developed by Japan’s ‘SAI Games’ and is a mobile game published by ‘Aka Games Co., Ltd.’ in Korea. It is a game aimed at winning the competition with users.

In particular, according to Aka Games’ earnings announcement in the second quarter, Amuse was attracting attention as an explosive hit, with the number one sales category in the game category.

However, while Aka Games, which serves Amuse, makes mistakes in the operation and communication process, users will fully guarantee the rights of consumers, including the opportunity to communicate with the ‘wagon demonstration’ accompanying the actual words or the statement. It has been demanding that, and when these demands are not reflected, they have led to collective action called ‘lawsuits’.

However, Aka Games received the opinions of users in the process of discussing the proceedings with Lee Chul-woo, and the most problematic part of the Italian Black Support Card Pickup period, including the November 9 notice, The situation began to change rapidly as it promised to implement or implement what the users have requested.

Attorney Lee Chul-woo, a spokesman and a lawsuit of the lawsuit, said, The ultimate goal of the ultimate litigation was ‘normalization of the game’, so you often explain the details to Aka Games or individual users. There was a process of conveying their opinions, he said. I explained that it was fruitful.


In addition, Kim Byung-soo, who recruited the lawsuit and started the lawsuit as his selection party, said, I think it was unfortunate, but it was the first to achieve the purpose of normalization of the game. Since we have achieved the results of implementing our requirements, we hope that we will remain a good precedent for the protection of the game industry and consumer (user). Lee Pantheon, Yew Dodgson, Park Jong-il, and Ha Tae-hyun’s office expressed their gratitude to the members of the general team for their meanings.

We had the disappointment and blame of consumers ”, Aka Games’s mistake, but as a result of this effort, the current related community’s response is hot., If the company continues to work, the users also seem to show the movement to develop the support movement, including the recovery of the game, and some of the users who participated in the protests and litigation processes were lawsuits. Even if the procedure is terminated, it is not the end yet, so we need continuous interest and affectionate effort of consumers.

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