The best formations in FIFA 23

With FIFA 23 in full swing, players constantly seek ways to find any advantage they can, regardless of how small it may seem. Much of this can simply be reduced to how your squad is built, particularly in modes such as Ultimate Team. Taking into account the new chemistry system and position modifiers, we are here to tell you everything about the the best formations in FIFA 23 .

Naturally, personal taste plays a role in determining your favorite training. While some may be more appropriate to play online against others, there are some that can be the key to victory in something completely different, such as career mode. Feel free to experiment with them until you find one clicking for you.

Either way, there are many formations to choose from. That is why I have decided to take a closer look at five of them, ranging from which it seems to be the favorite among players around the world to my personal favorite.


Guide for the best fifa 23 formations

Without further ado, let’s enter into matter. If you are looking for training to try, these five are highly recommended.

4-1-2-1-2 (more popular)

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Every year, it seems that a variation of this formation makes its way to the front of the group. And although 4-1-2-1-2 (2) it can also work, the biggest difference between the two is that instead of a diamond in the midfield, this formation flanks its midfielder of containment and attack with law midfielders and law and Left, which allows players to a slightly wider

In addition, having a second striker is a good characteristic. Assuming that you use the width of this formation, being able to launch balls inside the area so that each of your strikers is hooked or making one play with the other while you keep one of the two most central, this can certainly become a Very… mental system.

However, to compensate for your possible midfield in the middle of the field, you will want to use a club with a strong physical CDM or invest in one if you are a more Ultimate Team player. Not only that, but it is also possible that you have to instruct your right and left media so that they go back to the defensive.

Otherwise, you are likely to leave your exposed back line. Especially if you insist that your sides make overlapping races. To change something or all this, just go to Personalized tactics .


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As with the 4-1-2-1-2, the 4-2-3-1 offers the players two variations: one with rights and left and another without them. To do this, we select the latter, which replaces the RM and the LM with two more cams, that are added to the one in the middle of the field.

However, although this formation offers a lot of creativity, it makes your CAM even more important than usual due to the fact that there is only one striker at the top. This is an intriguing option to test because it offers a quite stable balance between attack and defensive sound mentality. What is not in the potentially rapid extremes is in the form of creativity and two containment midfielders.

That said, if you can find eligible players for CAM with rhythm, we will not deter it. Not to mention that, although your CDM should focus on defense and physicist, make sure they can move quickly as ever. With two containment midfielders, you will have the possibility that one remains more central while the other covers the wing if you want.

And if in the meantime you are looking for a little more attack, get those fast sides and make them make overlapping races.

4-2-4 (wild card)

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I choose this formation because I have seen it more and more frequently in division rivals and other specific ultimate team modes of the game online. In a nutshell, this training has to do with the attack game. Your CENTR del Camp is formed by two central flyers, and that’s it. Otherwise, you are looking for two ends and two strikers to accompany a standard defensive line from four back.

As with the previous 4-1-2-1-2, if you choose this formation, it is better to think about making your ends back to the defensive to compensate for the lack of midfield. That, or you better be one of the best general attackers in the FIFA community. Otherwise, you are preparing more or less for disaster.

With that in mind, I would not recommend that your sides make overlapping races in this formation. You are already quite exposed in the midfield and defensively, so be sure to achieve the best races of your ends. In our final formation, as you will see below, we will potentially give the best of both worlds.


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Ah, yes, 4-4-2. There is not much more standard than that. Once again, there is a variation of this formation, but this time we are seeing the most attack. So, although 4-4-2 (2) that retains midfielders is an intriguing option, a 4-2 flattering offers a little more flexibility for players.

Whatever happens, every year it is clearer than online game modes seem to reward the attack game more than defensive formations. You will find exceptions, of course, and customize your own tactics can be very useful, but here is the essence: a 4-2 flat gives you flexibility.

You can choose to turn your right and left media into improvised extremes and at the same time make them back to the defensive. If you want to play more amplitude and not make you get back too frequently, be sure to find cm that are both creative and defensive. Above all, if you decide to do so, pressing enough while its sides overlap can generate more opportunities.

As always, it is about finding a balance between the perfect attack storm and not leaving you too exposed to the defensive. In addition, having an objective man at the top combined with another striker to run behind the defense can make a difference. That is why having cm that can approve very well can make a difference.

5-2-2-1 (personal favorite)

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I chose this formation because, you believe it or not, it has rarely disappointed me while I made my way through division rivals, friendly online and even fut champs. Yes, I understand that the sides are fashionable now, but trust me in this. This is how it can work very well.

Find some sides with sufficient pace to import and a defensive rating high enough to be fine. Anyway, most of its defense must rest on its CB, while its sides overlap with their ends in the future. It can cause their extremes to go back to the defensive, but with five in the back, that may not be necessary.

Having an exit ball in this formation is extremely important. Keep your bottom line narrow when you are not in possession of the ball and make sure that, once again, your cm have the right balance between creative and physical. I have discovered that, sometimes, a striker crosses the medium of your defense, but most of the time, there are enough bodies behind to get in the path of passes through the middle.

Finally, keep your wings open. I have found great success with the cross passes from wing to wing when I loaded in the corner, and having a physical striker at the top helps a lot. FIFA does not reward patience very often during the game online, but this formation will allow you to possess the ball almost at will if you are willing to be patient. Try it and see what you think!

That is all we have to tell you The best formations in FIFA 23 . With so many to choose from, it is very possible that it is due to personal taste, but success can be found with some of these more than others. And if you are looking for more tips in the game, has it covered. We have guides that respond when Fut Champs starts and configure the best camera and controller settings, as well as endless information on the links below.

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