Pokemon: How to see all the anime and movies in chronological order and not die in the attempt

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple is just around the corner and many are those who are looking forward to this new delivery of one of the most famous franchises of all time . However, many others also want to see as soon as possible the animated version of these pocket monsters and see what the producer has prepared for these years.


And it is that the first seasons of the animated version were a true bomb in terms of fame and much of the fault that it has pectized so much in the West is due to the series. That is why, from MGG, we want to help you so that you cansee the entire animated series in order and to the letter, so you can feel 100% the adventures of Ash Ketchup all over the world created by Nintendo makes More than 25 years.

Pokémon-5 seasons and 5 films

Advanced Generation-4 Seasons and 4 films

Diamond and pearl-4 seasons

Black and Black Pokémon-3 seasons and 4 films

Pokémon XY and Xyz-4 Seasons and 3 movies

Pokémon Sun and Luna-3 Seasons and three films

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