When a design of dot sensitivity is needed! Free distribution ofBitbitchae

People launched a free distribution of ‘Bitbitchae’, a dungeon and fighter font, commemorating the coming Hangul Day today (6th).

‘Bitbitchae’ is a title typeface made by designing Dun pa’s various events, banners, and update pages to make the best match with the enlarged dot. It has a plump thickness that is filled with a square, a chubby thickness that is suitable for the title, and is characterized by a design that is reminiscent of a dot by applying staircase-shaped design throughout the straight line, diagonal and curve. Dun pa Web Designer, who created a bitbitchal, introduced that it is a vector font with a thick line, unlike the bitmap fonts optimized for the low resolution, and is suitable for the use of the high resolution.

Bitbitche adds 1,103 adders to increase usability to 2,780 Koreans, including 95 Latin characters and 56 special characters that are frequently used. Anyone can download ‘Bitbitchae’ for free from the current dungeon and fighter’s official website. Fonts are provided free of charge to all users, including individuals and corporate users, and can be freely modified and changed or can be used for commercial purposes.


On the homepage, the background of the birth of ‘Bitbitchae’ was also introduced. In April 2020, in the page design of the web game ‘Bit bit 8 Bit’ on the official dungeon & fighter website, a font was needed to convey an 8-bit atmosphere, and the bitmap font and the title vector font were needed. Hangul title for web pages was produced with half a feeling. This is the beginning of ‘Bitbitchae’.

In addition, various trial and errors were introduced in the process of applying the staircase size of all letters differently to reduce the overall heterogeneity in the process of manufacturing the font, or designing the letter configuration in a slightly overlapping way to increase the intuition.

The web designer who created the bitbitchal delivered a message from a request to decorate it using ‘Bitbitchae’ when he wants to make a design that can be harmonious with pixel art.

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