CHAMBER Nerf and Valorant Engine updates – all the main points of Valorant 5.03 updates

In the last patches of Valorant 5.03, developers are finally nervous of the capacity of the chamber after a large request from the community. Chamberlain was the main part of the competitive META in the Valorant rating from the moment of its release, and its nerf will promote other attacking / sniper agents, such as Jett, Phoenix or Rais, in the main battle. In addition, Riot Games also announced that they update their current unreal Engine profile to 4.26 that allows developers to access more tools and plugins for development.

All the main points of the patch Valorant 5.03.

Valorant 5.03 patch will be released all over the world on September 9, 2022. You can download the last patch by updating your Valorant game through a Riot client. Read all the main changes in the agent and the gameplay from the update below.

All changes in agents in patch Valorant 5.03

In addition to Chaber, Neon also receives some changes in the balance of his ultimatum ability, but in a positive direction.



Randeva *: The reload time of the ability is now 30 seconds instead of the previous 20. It also applies to both the basic and the rendered rendezvous. If any opponent destroys your rendezvous, a new recovery timer will be implemented for 45 seconds. In addition, the developers also reduced the diameter of the Rendezvous activation ring.
Trade brand : The ability slows enemies for only 6 seconds instead of the original 9.
Tour de France : Absolute ability will now cost 8 sphere points, and the slowing effect is reduced to 6 seconds.
* Hunter for the head : The cost of a mini-pistol bullet is increased to 150.


* Overdrave : the multiplier of the shot in the head during the overdrave was significantly increased from 1 to 3 units, and the extended distance from 15 to 20 meters was increased. To match these large buffs, they slightly reduced the basic damage of the overdrive to 18 per shot.


Vorthy Blesses *: a multiplier of a shot in a leg for this ability was reduced from 1 to 0.85.
A fair wind *: Fixed a problem associated with animation, which led to a delay in switching weapons after a jerk of a fair wind.

All general updates and quality updates in the patch Valorant 5.03

The entire further development of the Valorant game will take place on unreal engine 4.26. * The new engine profile will allow developers to correct several errors associated with the user interface, which for a long time annoyed the community.
* All agent browser design is an updated look.
* The developers corrected several problems associated with the crosshairs and HUD elements for a smooth gameplay.

You can read the full and detailed version of the notes for the Valorant 5.03 patch on the official website of PlayValorant.

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