Announced beer brewery operation sim BREWPUB SIMULATOR. Aim for a pub with a special handmade craft beer

On August 5, Puvie Games announced on August 5 the beer brewery simulation game Brewpub Simulator by STAR DRIFTERS. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the distribution time is undecided.

In Brewpub Simulator, the player operates a beer brewery with a pub inherited by the hero from his grandfather. The small beer brewery became popular among locals in the 1960s, but was abolished due to the entry of large companies and has been abandoned all the time. First of all, it is necessary to clean the destroyed store and renovate it to be able to resume business.

Players brew their own beer to customers in the pub. In this work, the real process of craft beer brewing is reproduced. We purchase materials such as hops and malt, and brew them with special facilities based on recipes. There are various types of beer that can be made, and screenshots can check lagers, stouts, and IPAs. Because the brewing process differs depending on the type, this work may be reproduced in this work.

The resulting beer is completed in a bottle. The shape of the bottle can be selected from multiple, and the label design can be customized. The label prints the beer name named by the player.

When the original craft beer is completed, provide it to the customer in the pub. It seems that the player will also provide beer according to the order. By increasing the profit, you can introduce new facilities used for beer brewing. Since the facilities inherited from my grandfather are old, we will introduce more advanced equipment. Then, try and error with various materials and challenge new beer development.

In addition, the facilities and interior of the pub can be purchased and enhanced. By creating a comfortable store and improving the quality of beer, the store’s reputation is enhanced. Eventually, you will be able to become regular customers, and you will be able to incorporate new customers. Inside the store, there are also arcade housing and billiards that customers can enjoy, and such items are unlocked as they proceed with in-game missions.


If you have a budget, expand your business further. If you make a kitchen and hire a chef, you will be able to offer cooking to customers. In this work, there are also elements that hire and manage employees. It is also possible to purchase a nearby building and expand the bar.

Brewpub Simulator is being developed for PC (Steam). The delivery time is undecided.

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