[Gemphae] Mir M: Vanguard & Badga Bond

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[Mir Legend Moon Young-soo reporter] P & E game ‘Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond (hereinafter referred to as Mir M)’ of Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk), which is attracting attention at home and abroad, started domestic service on the 23rd. In the future, ‘Umamusume’ and ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo M’ were launched behind, and fierce competition was expected, and it was successful in the early success of Google Play.

Mir M is a large-scale multi-contact role (MMORPG) that Wemade reinterprets ‘Mir’s Legend 2’. I chose a quota view and I can’t freely adjust the point of view. Only zoom in and zoom out. I felt like a view that focused on the massive battles that will be the end content later.

Mir M, who played directly, was the game that connects the so-called ‘Lineage Link’ genealogy that has now become a box office. It is equipped with three probabilistic drawing products, such as the ‘incarnation’ system, which corresponds to the concept of transformation, ‘spirit’ and ‘vehicle’, which can be called pets. In addition, item collection system, known as the ‘picture’, is also a characteristic of Lineage Like.

The incarnation here is Moorimsajo in the Mir Chronicles, and the user fights with heroes. It gives its own justification to the transformed system. Perhaps because of the incarnation system that can change the appearance, there was no character customization in Mir M.

What is unusual was that the incarnation was divided into men and women. For example, when the first generation, the male warrior gets a feminine incarnation, transformed into a female character. Mir M is the first transformation system that changes gender.

The choice of Wemade to get out of the uniform growth system was the ‘Mandala’ system. The mandala system, which is divided into combat and technology, is a system that can consume ‘Yongok’ and develop its own ability. You can focus on defense or develop penetration or damage, so you can foster your own character and other characters.

Later, there will be a ‘genealogy’ to foster the best character, but at the present stage of the opening stage, it is a content that requires gamers’ concerns.

There are many disagreements about Mir M’s graphics, but personally, I felt that it was a design that made the appeal of the quota view. The details of the characters and background graphics are considerable, and the impact of attacking monsters is significant.

It was a pity that there was no light ball. The core identity of martial arts was a light-fledged light, and this dynamic mobilization was not available. This regret was added to the high level of light in the ‘Mir 4’, which was previously presented by Wemade. At the time of the quarter view, it was a game that had a large battle in mind, so I decided that I had a choice. The game implements a collision between characters and terrain, so if you introduce a light ball that leaps the sky, the pattern of the battle can be distorted.

As such, Mir M’s aiming was clear. As it follows the strong lineau model, the powerful person is treated and the persecuted game environment will be settled naturally. It reached relatively fast until the actual level 20, but it was not easy to level afterwards. If you open your wallet or if you are a thumb, you should return your sleep and focus on the game. For the nuclear gamers who want to be the best, the best choice, and if not, Mir M is likely to be out of taste.

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