DOFUS: CAPE DU Tofu crazy, where and exactly how does Decrease on temporis 7?

Several brand-new stuffing possibilities are offered to you if you get to degree 30 on temporis 7. And also if you choose the air lane on Dofus, the crazy tofu cape will be your option of predilection. For this edition, his decline is not so challenging, so maximize his unbelievable dexterity benefit paired with his PM!

Where Decline the crazy tofu cape on temporis 7?

With its bonus, the crazy tofu cape is a must-have at low level. Whether it is for a second or primary stuff, it will bring you every little thing you need to appreciate your transformed.

Crazy tofu cape


Level 36
1 pm
71 to 100 agility
-100 Intelligence
-100 force
-100 luck

All items are gotten by the decline.

Short-term servers return for the summertime of 2022 with Osatopia! All products are acquired by the decrease. Modified also, yet with some exceptions!

All Dofus Item goes down on temporis 7.

Furthermore, if made use of from level 36, it stays crucial approximately degree 110 at least. Having it as quickly as feasible is necessary, specifically because this time around, its getting is actually easy.

Fire fire 5.74%, tofu mutant 5.74%.

If you get to degree 30 on temporis 7, lots of brand-new stuffing possibilities are readily available to you. As well as if you pick the air lane on Dofus, the crazy tofu cape will be your option of partiality. For this edition, his drop is not so tough, so take complete advantage of his amazing agility reward combined with his PM!

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