The Rarest League of Legends champion Ashe that players are starting to pay attention to

There are certain champions in League of Legends that players insist on using in unconventional positions. For years the community insisted on taking Nidalee into support or constantly experimenting with new things in the jungle that didn’t quite work. However, there are cases where these selections, usually considered trolling, become genuinely good characters. This has recently happened with Ashe, who is already more selected in the support position than as a marksman.

Ashe support, the great surprise of League of Legends after the patch
Ashe support is picked in 8% of matches played at higher than platinum MMR with a 49.3% win rate. Some numbers are still discreet, but they serve to consider her as balanced and allow her to overcome other characters such as Alistar or Karma. The truth is that the champion has been accumulating a good percentage of wins since patch 12.5. However, her popularity of her has increased steadily. While in the previous version, she was chosen in just one out of two hundred games, now we see her in almost one out of ten.

The truth is that there are not many reasons to explain the increase in popularity. The significant competitive leagues are yet to begin, and there has hardly been time for the champion to become famous in those that have already done so. However, there has been an absolute explosion over the past few days, and if we want to, we can pick her up in ranked games without fearing that our peers will accuse us of not taking the game seriously. The truth is that it is very likely that with the definitive and its damage, we will surprise everyone very pleasantly.

Beyond the novelty, it doesn’t look like Ashe will be a real problem for Riot Games. It’s practical and a bit frustrating to play, but it doesn’t feel like it’s too strong or will cause any issues in the competitive League of Legends. It performs similarly at all levels of the game. It compensates for its extraordinary abilities with an R (Enchanted Crystal Arrow) that makes us practically useless for the team in case of failure.

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