Pokémon Unite Delphox Build with the best items, attacks, and tips

A new creature has arrived in Pokémon Unite. Delphox joins the MOBA Pokédex for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. A creature initially introduced in the sixth generation as the species at the top of the evolutionary chain that it forms alongside Fennekin and Braixen. He didn’t have the most incredible popularity due to Greninja fever, but now he will have a new opportunity that many fans will want to take advantage of. To do so, we review her best attack and item builds so you can comfortably use her in-game.

The best item build for Delphox in Pokémon Unite.
Remember that in Pokémon Unite, there are two different types of items. On the one hand, we can equip up to three equipment items that offer us statistical and passive improvements. On the other hand, we have a single slot available for a combat item that will work as an ability, giving us an activity we can use when we need to.

Team items
Glasses Choice
Increases Special Attack between 10 and 39 points
Increases movement damage by 40/50/60.

Special Glasses
Increases Special Attack between 10 and 39 points
Increases Special Attack by 3/5/7%

Auxiliary Barrier
Increases health between 20 and 600 points
The user Pokémon and its nearby ally with the minor health are shielded for 20/30/40% of their health points within 5 seconds after the user uses their Unite Move.

Combat item
Escape button
Cooldown: 70 seconds
When activated, the user quickly moves in the chosen direction.

The developers of Pokémon Unite have started to bet on creating static mages that can launch big area of ​​effect attacks from a medium range, and Delphox is one of their big bets. It’s easy to play and uses the expected gear items for such a character. Increase the special attack with the Choice Glasses combined with Special Glasses to get devastating damage capable of keeping opponents at bay. The combo is perfect and doesn’t need more, so it’s used with Auxiliary Barrier to improve survivability.

As for the combat item, we fear that the game still does not have an exciting alternative to Escape Button. It’s a fun item to use and extremely useful, especially for creatures like Delphox that lack mobility.

Completing the build: Delphox’s best attacks
As important as a good choice with the objects is to get the most exciting attacks.

Passive Skills
In this case, we can’t choose, but mastering passive abilities is key to understanding how Delphox works.

Sea ​​flames
When the wearer of the ability is low on health, using a move deals extra damage to enemies hit. The effect goes on cooldown after triggering once.

Basic Attack
Every three attacks, make a charged attack that deals extra damage.

Initial attack
The best move to start the game

Cooldown: 7 seconds
area attack
Summons three spectral flames and launches them at the chosen area. On contact, the flames explode, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit.
Wisp is the most helpful attack, as it is most effective in camps and early skirmishes.

Final Attacks
Delphox’s best moves

Haunted Flame
level 6
Cooldown: 4.5 seconds
Launches a particular fireball in the target direction. If it hits an opponent, it explodes, damaging all enemies in the area of ​​effect.

Spin Fire
level 7
Cooldown: 8 seconds
It creates a fire vortex in the target area that zooms in on the nearest enemy. After a time or when an opponent is trapped in the center of the vortex, the flames grow in intensity, increasing their damage per second and immobilizing creatures caught in them. Enemies in the area of ​​effect take ongoing damage and are slowed.

This combo of moves offers Delphox an exciting damage per second capacity. The only drawback is that we will need help to hit the skills. Starting at level seven, the goal is to hit an enemy with Fire Spin and then cast Haunted Flame as many times as possible.

unite movement
Delphox’s final blow

Pyromagic Festival
level 9
Deals damage over time to all enemies in the area of ​​effect, slowing them and reducing their healing ability.

Delphox Evolutionary Chain
These are the levels of evolution:

Level 4
Fennekin evolves into Braixen

level 6
Braixen evolves into Delphox

Delphox stats in Pokemon Unite

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