Sonic Frontier, a new teaser with new action

The teaser video of the in-gameplay of the new Sonic Frontier of Sonic series, which is scheduled to be released this winter, was released today (1st).

Prior to the release of the teaser video, in December, Sonic Frontier unveiled the teaser trailer and predicted the change to the open world. At the time, the trailer showed the ruins of the mystery, the enormous field, and the mysterious presence of attacking Sonic. This teaser video contains more information about the game.

The first point in the teaser video of about 40 seconds is the change to the open world. Unlike the previous series, which was a stage, Sonic Frontier is characterized by a huge world. As you can see from one world, there is no limit of map loading to move a wide map. You can also check the structure related to the open world. It is a structure that looks like a wheel, and it is estimated to be scanned when the sonic rises and runs. As boasting a wide field, it is expected to unlock certain areas or get information from the area.

Changes in the combat system are also noticeable. The Sonic series of the existing 3D action genre has improved the combat system from Sonic Adventure series and Sonic Heroes. Homing Attacks were typically running and jumped and attacked when they met the enemy. But there was a change in the combat system. It is related to Sonic’s ‘trajectory’, which was introduced through several trailers. When Sonic runs, a kind of trajectory is drawn, and when this trajectory continues, the enemy in it bounces into the air.

Of course, the homing attack is not g1. As the new combat system boasts outstanding with Homing Attack, it seems that you can feel the fun of a different battle that you have never felt in the Sonic series.

You can also check the battle with the big boss. However, the enemies of this series are different from the Sonic series, which is different from the robots of Eggman (Dr. Robotic), which has emerged as an eternal match of Sonic. Unlike Eggman’s robots, who have been united with their own love, the enemies and bosses in Sonic Frontier reminded me of aliens. In addition, you can check the various elements as an open world, including the weather.

‘Sonic Frontier’ is officially supported and will be released this winter through PC, PS4, PS5, XO, XSX | S, NS. Meanwhile, Sega will hold a showcase to introduce a new project on the 3rd, so other detailed information on Sonic Frontier is expected to be released on the day.

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