What PS5 next-gen DualSense features Hogwarts Legacy will bring to PlayStation 5

A new trailer and official blog post give us a closer look at what next-gen features Hogwarts Legacy will bring to PlayStation 5. Casting spells in a Harry Potter game has never been so fun!

This trailer doesn’t have anything new about Hogwarts Legacy, a new video game based on the Harry Potter universe. The trailer itself is unique, and it shows us how the PlayStation 5’s next-gen features can be applied to the game. All sequences are from our last 15 minutes of State of Play earlier this year.

To accompany the video, the game’s community manager, Chandler Wood, posted a post on the official PlayStation Blog, where we found more details and some cool GIFs.

Hogwarts Legacy: Dual Sense Casting!
The official post tells us that the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller will allow gamers to feel connected to the wand, fully immersing them in sight and sound. With the wand in hand, nothing is more important to Avalanche Software than making players feel like they’re living in this world.

The DualSense becomes an extension of the gaming wand. We saw it in the gameplay trailer, there are tons of spells to cast, and the adaptive triggers precisely allow for more nimble combos in combat. Players can even feel magic resistance (casting spells, blocking opponents’ attacks, and even recharging their powers) at their fingertips.

On the other hand, Haptic feedback creates a direct connection between the controller and the wand: all effects are concentrated on the right side of the DualSense, giving the player the sensation of holding the baton in the right hand.

Hogwarts atmosphere can also be felt.
Of course, this isn’t just a magic wand about the Hogwarts legacy. Exploring the magical world is an integral part of the game. The DualSense controller allows players to experience events across the globe: pressing ingredients into potions, feeling the screeching sound of Mandrakes, and even flying on a hippogriff. The controller’s lights are also used: DualSense lights up every time you cast a spell, and throughout your adventure, it displays the color of your house.

Who says PS5 has to say 4K. We recently saw it in the Atmosphere trailer. The backdrop is stunning, and the developers at Avalanche Software have worked hard to deliver the highest quality graphics to make exploring Hogwarts and its surroundings an absolute pleasure. Specify in the blog that players can choose between high graphics or performance with reasonable frame rates.

Finally, besides great audio, the PlayStation 5’s super-fast SSD will help deliver fast load times anyway. The blog reconfirmed a release date of late 2022. But it doesn’t say a specific date, and we’re going over the wall.

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