How to get UNASA and play Dislyte – UNAS

Dislyte has many Espears that can be assembled and added to your detachment, but you need to create a balanced team consisting of fighters, support, controllers and defenders. If you need a strong support detachment, pay attention to Unas, who has the power of the Egyptian god Shu.

how to get UNAS in Dislyte

Unas One of the best supports of support in Dislyte, but its unlocking can take some time. You earn UNAS using records for pools. Unfortunately, it is five -star block and thus incredibly rare pull, so you will largely rely on luck. There are miserable pools after a certain number that guarantees the legendary Esper, but this does not mean that you automatically receive Unas, since there are many legendary ones.

After the end of the story, you get Shimmer Record, which can pull out Unas, but it also depends on good luck. So, unfortunately, you will have to be patient or are very lucky to unlock Unas in Dislyte.

Is it good to UNAS – how to use UNAS

Unas is very good, and it should be considered as part of your team. It succeeds in almost all game modes and goes well with almost any team. If you unlock Unas, you must focus on making it maximum level and equipment ng with the right relics .

Unas speed is incredible , and can even allow him to make a move twice before your opponent makes a move. You want to increase its speed as it passive ability , marshmallows provides immunity to your team if UNAS is not motionless. This is an extremely powerful ability that makes Unas so valuable. Here are the recommended sets of relics for use with Unas.

* 4-set : Windshop

* 2-set : Adamantine, Apollo onion, Light at the top or stone veins

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