Alternate Reality Adventure Isklander obtains an release date

Arg with fiction, the idea of mixing reality with a fictitious world is not exactly a new idea. Whether via social networks such as YouTube and Instagram or via an immersive gameplay, ARG writers and producers are always looking for new ways to hang their audiences with their stories. Today, the immersive entertainment company Swamp Motel, better known for having managed the Hanted Evision / House Hybrid Resident Evil 2 based in London, aims for a new type of immersive game.

Isklander is presented as a puzzle game, an interactive film and a treasure hunt. The game will be published in three parts – Plymouth Point, The Mermaid’s Tongue and The Kindling Hour – each part offering its own kind of mystery to solve. Along the way, players will hack emails, make phone calls, examine publications on social networks and travel websites in order to discover the mysteries at stake. However, a great thing distinguishes Isklander from your ordinary arg: Not only is it a multiplayer experience, but you will also have a limited time to discover the truth. The teams up to six players will have to book time slots in advance to play through the three chapters. This allows the “puppet masters” of the game, the authors and architects of the game, to follow the players throughout their investigation and to make new information available to them in an organic and realistic manner.

Isklander (Multiplayer sleuthing alternate reality adventure) - trailer
The co-founder of Swamp Motel, Ollie James, commented on the game to come: doing something that combines these two passions. With insular we have created something that blurs not only the border between play and theater, but also fantasy and reality. Insulaire is a live video game, full of live operators, pre -recorded content and many interactions with players. The facts and fiction are strangely intertwining in this unique experience of its kind.

Isklander will be launched on July 1, 2021. You can book your niche now on the Isklander website!

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