Rooney at youth tournament in Berlin

The English national team record shooter Wayne Rooney was surprisingly guest at the international e-youth tournament of the Berlin Football Association Berolina Stralau.

His Filius Klay Anthony (8) played with the youngsters of Manchester United, Rooney and his wife Coleen had traveled to the Spree.

“This is a nice weekend job. The tournament is well organized. My season is already over, so that was offered,” said the former Manunited star of the “Bild am Sonntag”.

Holland v England 2002 European Under 17 Championship - Wayne Rooney first goal for England

In mid -April, Rooney had relegated to the 3rd league in England as a team manager with the insolvent club Derby County.

With Rooney Junior, Manunited was only eighth out of 16 teams at the tournament, the youngsters won the youngsters from Union Berlin.

Rooney emphasized the fun factor for his son: “The boy is only eight, so you can’t say how talented he is. I have great memories of such tournaments when I was a child. The most important thing is that the children are in have fun playing. “

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