Detailed testament of Red Dead Redemption 2 ruins your day

_ Red Dead Convention 2_ It is a game of incredible detail. Its open world can be the most detailed open world to date, which is impressive considering that the game will turn four years this year. That said, even Rockstar Games loses some things. One of the largest points of sale of rdr2 is Arturo Morgan. He not only is a pleasant character and comes alive thanks to the fantastic Roger Clark, but is incredibly well written and well d1. He is one of the best video game characters of all time. However, his facial hair is a bit garbage, and if you noticed that there is one thing, in particular, that it is wrong, you are not alone.

Video games have a bad time with the hair, and they have it especially badly with the facial hair, and that is that the creation of both is very complicated and expensive. In _ Red Dead Convention 2_, Arthur Morgan‘s hair and facial hair are quite good compared to most games. And both are also dynamic and customizable. That said, there is a big problem; His pins do not align with his facial hair.

This problem is particularly remarkable when its arthur Morgan has a shorter hair but a longer beard. Why is it like this? We do not know is not necessarily unrealistic. There are many beards in the world that resemble the image below, but it is certainly not the standard and expectation. Whatever the case, fans in the dead river 2_ The Reddit page wishes that they have never been attracted to detail.

I love this game with all my heart, but nothing irritates me more than the Patillas and the beard of Arthur that do not connect! ??????? ‍♀️ from

my day is ruined (Chapter 5 Ending) - Red Dead Redemption 2 Part 12 - Tofu Plays
“I had never noticed it before, thanks for ruining the day,” says the main answer. “Take it to grow as soon as possible and look at it only from the front, this is the worst spoiler I have found,” reads another popular response.

It is not clear if this is the product of intention, supervision or limitation. It is difficult to imagine that they are the last two, since very little of that is evident in the game, but the first would be a strange explanation.

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