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Are you a fan of the fascinating underwater world of the subnautica series? Then you can soon look forward to a sequel. The developer is currently looking for employees and reveals a little bit for the coming game.

Subnautica: More Story than before?

Subnautica - I CAN'T BELIEVE WE DID IT!! Deepest Place in Subnautica is OURS! - Subnautica Gameplay

On Twitter, Subnautica developer UNKNOWN WORLDS revealed that they are looking for employees. Six at the number, but especially A job gives instructions on what players can expect during the release . The Senior Narrative Designer has to master some interesting things to work on the project:

  • He has to “tell” captive, dramatic stories in the context of the gaming experience. At the same time, he will define history and knowledge about a new science fiction world and their extraterrestrial residents. “

  • He should be familiar with “Open World Games and the process of developing a narrative in the context of an open, player-controlled experience.”

That sounds like waiting for the fans a big Open World game. According to the description, the upcoming Subnautica game could also contain more Story than the previous parts of the series **. It can therefore be good that one or the other mystery is released – until the game appears, there will probably be many speculation. (Unknown Worlds)

When could subnautica appear?

So far, the project is still in the initial phase. Employees still have to be found and the story behind the upcoming game will be written. Conceptible is a release in 2025 .

If you should be the owner of the Xbox Game Pass, it is possible for you to get the game in the framework of your subscription . We will keep you up to date.

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