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More films, more planets, more figures. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is probably the largest lego game ever. The gameplay was also thoroughly revised by the fight to the camera view. In our test we betray you now if the new stones also fit into each other.


  • 1 Test Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – Great stone nostalgia for young and old
    • 1.1 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – What’s in the game?
    • 1.2 The Star Wars Saga in Lego is good for many laughs
    • 1.3 Open world exceeds story missions

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review
* 1.4 Lego stones shine in the suns of Tatooine
* 1.5 rating of Martin Hartmann

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – What’s in the game?

17 years have passed since the Star Wars Universe has been playable for the first time in Lego form on PC and consoles. With Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga now returns to the developer Traveleller’s valley back to his roots and supplies the complete package all nine star-Wars episodes .

All epochs benefit from the brand new gameplay. For the first time you control the LEGO figures directly from the third-person perspective . Accordingly, blaster heroes must also fire purposefully and hide behind cover. By contrast, Jedi and Sith can also rely on their power skills as well as easy to learn light coves. However, the Koop mode suffers from the new camera view. Although a second player can still get into adventure at any time, but the split screen will be explored quickly confusing. In addition, there are rarely different goals in the missions, so that it is often not enough for the second player.

So spectacular the new combat system is also Lego Star Wars always remains very easy . Even if the end of your lifebalk is reached, your figure breaks into your items, loses a few stones and then settles together again. This makes the game regardless of age or games experience for every1. On the other hand, new features such as combos or the level-up system for character classes are never really necessary.

The Star Wars Saga in Lego is good for many laughs

While a lot done in terms of gameplay, the unbeatable charm of Lego games is still as fantastic as 17 years ago. The intermediate sequences tell the story of the Star Wars films child-friendly and still funny for all ages. Unfortunately, German synchronization disappoints something here. Many characters sound significantly different than their counterparts from the films.

Positive strips that both missions and the open world are so in front of Easter Eggs and insider jokes . To do this, the 380 unlockable figures, which still cover every ocean characters and provide many different costumes for the big heroes.

Open world surpasses story missions

In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga can occasionally fly around in all, but most of your adventure plays on one of the 24 planets. After you have played you once, you can freely move between you and search for the countless collection objects . However, you only get to many extras if you have a figure of the right character class. For example, protocol droids such as C-3PO can open certain doors and scrap collectors like Rey can lead networks where they can climb up. As a result, her journey at the beginning of your journey in many places does not come on and someday would come back later.

While it gives way to do a lot on the planet, some of the story missions are somewhat poor. Since all nine films have to be covered, are partly very short the missions. In addition, many cool moments, such as the room battle over Coruscant in Episode 3, are not playable at all. Nevertheless, the story missions are imminent and the films are staged accordingly. Especially the lightscript duels against the various SAGA SAGA’s saga are the highlights of the game.

Lego stones shine in the suns of Tatooine

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a big game that knows exactly how both Lego and Star Wars nostalgia can cause. The new gameplay is refreshing and the galaxy is beautiful. The underworld of Coruscant is colorful and detailed and the LEGO figures look like this in the desert of Tatooine, as you have forgotten in the sandpit . Add to that puzzles, parkour deposits and bounty jobs that lead you to a schnitzel hunt through the galaxy. Even with shorter story missions, there are more than enough to do in the Star Wars Universe.

For Who’s Lego Star Wars worth: the Skywalker Saga?

  • Star Wars fans who want to replay the complete saga

  • Earling collectors, because you can explore for hours and looking for extras

  • Young and old players who can not get enough of the lego humor

For whom pays up Lego Star Wars: the Skywalker Saga not?

  • Fans who hope for just one of the three trilogies a complete game

  • Gamers who exist on demanding fights

Review by Martin Hartmann

The first LEGO Star Wars was one of my first video games at all. Meanwhile, there is a whole new Star Wars Trilogy and at least one Lego game for just about every entry. The return to the far, far away galaxy has again managed to wake my inner child again.

While the gameplay of the LEGO games has come slowly in recent years, it has now made me a lot of fun again to score me through droid armies and deny lightweight duels. Really difficult, the fighting were never, but not every game has to be Elden Ring. Lego Star Wars is perfectly suited to pick up every fan.

The only run-down are the story missions in which many spectacular moments of the saga are too short or remain completely outward. The focus here is clearly on the exploration of the many planets. But then, however, the history of the Saga told me as incredibly funny and charming Traveler’s Tales. Here, Lego Star Wars supplies perfect nostalgic moments that will not disappoint even with young young gamers.

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