Wow: The creation catalyst goes live on April 13th

When you log in to World of Warcraft Shadowlands on April 13, 2022, the chairmaster of the gland, Vilo, with the quest _ “awakens the catalyst” _ in Refuge in Zereth Mortis. Your task is to travel to the catalyst organizations and use the creation catalyst , which you are already encountered during the 4th chapter of the Zereth Mortis campaign. As a reward, 500 cosmic flux wave, which can be issued immediately for converting items.
WOW: Creating catalyst – Activation quest Source: NPC Rafiq

The creation catalyst is a new system in patch 9.2. It is a simple feature with which you can convert several equipment, for example, from the raid of “the mausoleum of the first” in Tier-28 equipment. The catalyst uses cosmic flux as a currency for its operations. This reagent is mooded in Zereth Mortis and most endgame content in Patch 9.2 by Shadowlands. How the catalyst works and which parts are qualified as output items will explain to you in this guide .

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How to make your Tier Set with the Creation Catalyst! (Creation Catalyst Explained/9.2 Guide)
WOW: Creating catalyst – with sand-ground relics you can buy at the NPC Rafiq in the Huld of Pilgrim in Zereth Mortis “Hymnic” Gear of Level 246. These items can be converted into Animal’s Settings! [Source: NPC Rafiq]

But the best thing about the system is that your stand patch 9.2.5 ptr – not only the parts mentioned in the guide, but additionally hymnic equipment can convert with the ITemlevel 246 in Tier-28-Settings – the corresponding set -Transmogs included. You can buy this equipment for sand-ground relics at the NPC Rafiq in the Huld of the preacher in Zereth Mortis. The relics are among other things in the daily Zereth mortis quest as a reward.

For example, if you have 2 benches (shoulders and gloves) from the LFR RAID and a heroic RAID item (chest) from the Mythical Dungeon Weekly Quest, you only need to buy the helmet or pants at Rafiq and your 4-set bonus is complete after transformation! The only drawback: The catalyst is also “Time Gated” – currently the developers seem to have aged 1 week cooldown for converting an item. In the picture series above you can look at all times.

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