Fortnite darth Vader Leak reveals the role of Star Wars Villano in season 3

A new filtration affirms that Darth Vader will appear in fortnite soon and will have a significant role. Fortnite has crossed with Star Wars before, usually to promote new programs or films. In 2019, an exclusive clip of Star Wars: the ascent of Skywalker debuted inside fortnite __ along with new masks of characters and other special delights. That has only continued with masks for characters such as The Mandalorian, which allows Disney to promote the massive science fiction series within the incredibly popular shooting game of Epic Games. It seems that another crossover is being brewing, if it is created in a new filtration.

According to Reputed Fortnite Shiinabar Experts and Tabor Hilldarth Vader will appear at fortnite season 3, but apparently not only as a mask. The character will actually have a much more important role and will be a boss on the island against which players must fight. It remains to be seen if this is at the level of the Galactus event, where it is a massive event that attracts attention from the base of players or simply a NPC that wanders on the island. It is likely that there is more than just finding Darth Vader walking casually by Tilted Towers, but it is still to be seen. Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor for the moment, so take it with tweezers until Epic Games confirms it.

It is rumored that Darth Vader fortnite __ since the beginning of this week. A mention of Star Wars Villain appeared on the computer of a fortnite developer during a live broadcast of Unreal Engine 5, but it was not clear if it was intentional or not. It is expected that season 3 begins at the beginning of June, which will be just after the premiere of obi Wan Kenobi in Disney +, a program that will see Hayden Christensen return as Darth Vader. If this filtration is true, Disney and Epic Games are programmed the arrival of Darth Vader. Fortnite with his debut in obi wan kenobi.

DARTH VADER is Coming To Fortnite!
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