How to get a data card in the MAZ Castle in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Data Maps – valuable resource in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga, offering access to welcome game additions. Players will have to search for these data cards across the Galaxy, playing in LEGO Star Wars, since each of them is well hidden, including the one that is in the castle of MAZ.

where to find the data card in the castle of MAZ

Immediately after leaving the “Millennial Sokol” on the flooring site , you want to go straight to the coast south of the ship’s landing site. Go through the following coordinates:

  • X : 29 . 0
  • d : 0 . 2
  • z : 24 . 4

We also listed the image for reference. Keep in mind that you will need to make a way back to unlock this data card, as it will take a character type Astro Mech or Bounty Hunter to access this item.

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As soon as you get to the open coordinates, you will see a fisherman dressed in red, followed by a high pillar at a distance. Go to the post and replace the astromech or hunter for your heads on your group by going to the characters menu. Once in the characters menu, select a member of the group and replace it with one of the two required classes. We recommend BB-8, because by this moment of history everyone will have this character.

Go to the post as BB-8 and grab the top of the pillar. Jump onto the platform to press a large red button to activate the remote device.

Once the players click the button, immediately behind the column in the nearest reservoir there will be a chest.

Go to the edge of the sushi, jump from the ledge and take the data card from the chest. You will have access to this data card and its contents for open additions.

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