The PS5 update of the Astro Game Room is now available, here are the update notes

Yes, it’s true – a new update has been published for Astro’s Playroom, the brilliant Pack-in PlayStation 5. It is available for download and installation now, bringing the game to version 01.700.000. In case you post the question, this patch has been spent almost a year since the previous update of the game.

So what does this new update do? Well, we have not yet found the official update notes, but some online people allegedly know what is included. Here is what the patch supposedly makes:

  • Adding performance improvements.
  • Adding gameplay optimizations.
  • Fixed a problem that caused frequency rails.
  • Added various stability improvements.
  • Correction of sporadic plants.
  • Solving problems related to audio.
  • Other corrections of minor bugs.

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Weighing 158 MB, it is only a small patch, so it will not take much time to put the game up to date. To be honest, we do not know how the game could be better optimized; It must be one of the cleanest and least bugged games we have played recently. Still, the Team Asobi developer is clearly a talented group, and we are happy to see a big game further improved.

Have you played Astro’s Playaro? Pass the mouse with your laser feet in the comments section below.

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