All improvements in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga.

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga is a huge game filled with a variety of funny content, which can be immersed with your head. One way to which this game adds more depth than previous parts is the use of various skills and improvement trees. That’s all the improvements in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

All Trees Skills in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga is an interesting look at the classic skill tree system. Since you have a choice of 300 characters, it makes no sense to set the skill trees for the player, since not every character will use every improvement. That is why the game provides for nine different skills trees, each of which corresponds to a certain class of character. Here are all different improvements available in every skill tree.

Main updates

  • Quick Sprint – Run faster, exploring the open galaxy.
  • Fast assembly – increase the assembly speed manually.
  • Cash counter – Get studs for successful fighting counters.
  • Additional health – an increase in health for an additional strip.
  • Ship improvements – Increase the strength of the attack of your ships.
    Collective detector – Select important collectibles in the current marker area on the screen.

  • Attract hairpins – Collect the studs from afar.
  • Additional health II – an increase in health at an additional strip.
  • Attack power in the near battle – Increase the strength of the attack of light swords and other short-term attacks.
  • Long battle weapons – increase the strength of the attack of blasters and other far-fighting attacks.
    Health recovery speed – Automatic health restoration begins earlier and works faster.
  • Additional health III – an increase in health at an additional strip.


  • Power thrower – Increase damage from attack caused by objects abandoned by force.
    Jedi Reflexes – Successful combat counters are becoming more powerful and cause damage to the nearest enemies.
  • Time trick – Increase the duration of the tricks of the Jedi’s mind “distraction” and “panic”.
  • Master of mind – Increase the range of tricks of the mind Jedi “distraction” and “panic”.


  • Superior shield generator – Increase the shield for ships that are manifested by heroes.
  • Armored disguise – adds an increase in protection to the elements of armor, reducing damage.
  • The rebel heart – increase how often the defeated enemies will drop the hearts of recovery.
    Expert in the Terminals of Heroes – Interaction with the Terminal Hero can be skipped or complete for bonus cloves.

Garbage man

  • Sly – Add new color schemes for Scavenger tools, rebuilding them to get an alternative color scheme.
  • An experienced climber – increase the rate of lifting.
  • Best Break Blaster – Increase the range of explosion and damage Breaker Blaster, making it more destructive in battle.
  • Advanced planning – an increase in speed when using a glider.


  • Business Opportunist – Get a discount on the stallion when buying rumors and tips in the hopper.
  • Charged shot – Hold the fire button, then release when the weapon flashes to produce a charged shot. This powerful shot is in 25% more damage and bounces off surfaces.
  • Combat slide – Press the interaction button while running to perform a combat slide, apply damage to enemies and objects.
    Piercing Cartridges – Pierce the shelter from long-distance attacks, inflicting damage to enemies behind him.

Head hunter

  • Enemies Detector – Detect enemies through the walls and other surfaces.
  • Hidden Awards – Collect many spikes from defeated enemies.
  • Skattershot – Weapons of head hunter shoots arrows that cause damage in a wider range.
  • Shock pomegranate – Click “Interaction” to throw a shock grenade, which blondes the enemies for a while and turns off the energy shields.


Demolition expert – Grenades cause explosive damage at a greater distance.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga All Character Upgrades and Abilities!
* Additional ammunition – the weapon found in the boxes with weapons contains more ammunition, which allows you to use it longer.
* Protective droid – The academic console will provide support during the battle, attacking your enemies.
* The terminal expert of villain – interaction with the terminal of the villain can be skipped or complete for bonus cloves.

Dark side

Fear the dark side – enemies and civilians will have an increased chance to escape in fear and from a long distance.
* Silence push – Force Push throws more enemies and objects in a wider range.
* Scroll of power – repeatedly apply damage to enemies captured by force.
* Dark lift – Increase the power and possibility of Force Lift.

Astromechanical Droid

  • Distraction – Sprog the hologram, which for some time will distract the nearest enemies.
    Barge droids – Click the interaction while driving to slide on enemies, inflicting damage.
  • Astromechanics expert – interaction with a astromechanical nest can be missed or complete for bonus cloves.
  • Supercharged – Add a shock wave for stunning shocks, which causes damage to the nearest enemies.

Protocol droid

  • Destructive disassembly – Remove the shock wave during disassembly, inflicting damage to the nearest enemies.
  • Paid translator – Get bonus cloves for the translation of foreign languages.
  • Polished coating – added a chance to deviate bolts released from enemy weapon.
  • Tower setting – bolts released from turret protocol terminal will bounce off surfaces, increasing their chances to hit enemies.

That’s all, these are all improvements available to all classes of characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Some improvements are more useful than others, but we recommend focusing on obtaining improvements related to the characters you plan to use most before switching to other available classes.

To learn more about LEGO Star Wars: Sagaoocker Saga, check out the section “How to unlock a free level for levels in LEGO Star Wars: Sakaoocker Saga” right here, in the game manuals for professionals.

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