Star Trek Strange New Worlds: New trailer promises a lot of action and romance

Paramount published a new trailer on Sunday Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and thus complies with the anticipation of fans of the interplanetary adventures of the spaceship Enterprise. We have all for you here all the information that is available about the new Star Trek series . The new trailer also offers new image material and gives a insight into the new adventures .

New official trailer for Strange New Worlds

Interplanetary adventure, political intrigue and a bit of romance await the crew of U.S.S.S. Enterprise in the official trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. During the short teaser, released last month , a bearded and presumably retired Pike showed, we get an enthusiastic pike in action in the new more detailed trailer. But see yourself:

The new official trailer starts that Pike will be in a bit building, which seems a bitter dispute between two aliens fractions . The aliens do not seem to expect him if one considers his awkward welcome. In general, aliens in the series do not seem to be particularly empowered to make acquaintance with people. We see in the trailer that the Enterprise under fire from alien device, after these consider the presence of people as “blasphemy”.

But this does not hold up the crew around Captain Pike to make further explorations, because in the series finally goes to explore space. In the further course of the trailer we see many wondrous places that the crew is traveling. Among them is the surface of a comet , on which a large, egg-shaped construction is waiting. Much humor, action and a good pinch of romances promises the new trailer of Strange New Worlds for the fans.

When appears Strange New Worlds

OFFICIAL TRAILER PROMO StarTrek Strange New Worlds Season 1 - 4K (UHD) - Teaser - Clip S01
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be on 5. May 2022 on Paramount + published in the USA . The streaming platform has already given green light for a second season in the Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries) as a future Captain of Enterprise, James T. Kirk, will play. In Germany fans meanwhile still to be patient. So far is not yet known when and on which streaming service the series will run in this country. We continue to keep up to date.

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