Review: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PS5) – The best Lego game for years is

TT Games has released the original Lego Star Wars in 2005, changing the direction of the studio, such was its popularity. Since then, we have had countless links with briquette movies, but a few years have passed since one of these family platform games has honored PlayStation. LEGO STAR WARS: The Saga Skywalker is finally here to fill the gap and, fortunately for the fans, it was worth waiting.

This looks like a simultaneous celebration of Disney Science Fiction and Games based on these colorful Danish building blocks. This huge title covers all of the nine major films, marking the debut of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker as a Lego game. Although it may initially seem too familiar – there are many iterations in this franchise, after all – the big scope, the attention paid to the details and the changes in radical gameplay make it fresh again.

You start by choosing the opening episode of your favorite trilogy, and very quickly the magnitude of the game is accurate. There are several hundred playable characters and ships to unlock, not to mention the thousands of collectible objects, playing the galaxy or billions of studs that you like obsessively. As you start playing through the opening scenes of a given Star Wars adventure, it opens quickly, revealing all these things to find and collect.

By playing through one of the movie stories, you take control of particular characters and you are guided through linear levels connected by large open spaces. For example, you will start in New Hope in a simple step ending with C-3PO and R2-D2 escaping to Tatooine. Shortly after, you are free to explore the sandy planet as you please, able to resume the story as soon as you are ready.

This linear and free design combination is part of an effort to make the game as transparent as possible. You are not channeled through the main rhythms of a movie; You have a room for maneuver to have fun stroke in familiar sites. Each planet consists of one or more sandboxes, and they are all filled with collectibles, which can be either in the environment, locked behind a puzzle, or a reward for completing a simple mission. Basically, when you do not pursue the plot, you can do what you want, even fly in space and in other worlds you unlocked.

This feeling of freedom is illustrated outside the episodes themselves. You can choose to freely explore the galaxy, choosing the characters you like in your unlocked list, driving up any ship you have and going wherever you have already visited. It brings together all the things you have seen on a single galactic card, mainly transforming the game into a kind of open world experience. If you played through the nine movies and unlocked all the places, free play exploration almost overwhelms you.

Fortunately, everything is a joy to discover, because The Skywalker Saga is full of personality and details. The typical humor is very present, with more winks and nods that you can not count. Excellent dubbing and brilliant visual gags make each film abbreviated a pleasure to play; Cinematics and environments are full of details that will make fans of franchise from one ear to another. In addition to all this, it also looks excellent – the quality of the image is usually quite clear and the plastic shine of characters and other LEGO structures is very convincing. We have spotted a few rare frequency rails, but overall, the game works well, keeping 60 frames per second, even in shared screen cooperative mode.

Which makes this version of Lego Star Wars better than others, however, it’s the redesigned gameplay. You have manual control of the camera, which is much closer. Characters brandishing firearms can target and shoot with triggers, while a combo counter now gives more importance to varied melee attacks. Everything is quite simple, but these fundamental changes make the game much more modern. There is still not much challenge – it’s largely aimed at a family audience – but the gameplay course is well improved. We will say that there are opportunities where the camera can not behave, especially in close interiors, but it’s nothing too blatant.

What you will actually do is similar to what preceded. You will pass from one handle of characters to another by fighting bad guys, solving simple puzzles and engaging you in a basic platform. That said, boss fights and spatial battles are more involved, and there are unique sequences that keep you on your guard. The essence of LEGO games is always there despite all the changes, and it is difficult to pass a bad time playing something as easy and light.

Play through an episode does not actually take a very long time; Each film consists of five main levels, and although there are these open environments to explore between the two, you can rush in a few hours. The real meat of the game is at game free, whether it’s going to browse these levels again to recover everything you missed or explore the planets maximum. The beauty of the game structure is that you can draw what you want – you can browse the stories fast enough and have a good time, or dozens of hours more to search for Kyber bricks to buy bets to buy Level, data cards to unlock fun extras, and more.

This is the double pleasure with a second player, of course. Local cooperation is part of the Identity of the Lego game, and it’s still fun here. A vertical shared screen allows you to explore as much as you want, although it can be quite easy to get lost in sandboxed spaces. We think it’s a shame that there is still no online cooperation, but what is here works well.


Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker is a step forward, making the gameplay intelligently evolve without losing this fun core. Children will love burlesque humor and colorful images and sounds, adults will enjoy all jokes cumbered in the coast, and both will appreciate everything there is to do. Despite some very minor problems, it’s gram for Gram the best Lego game for a long time, and it’s up with the best Star Wars games to start.

  • Revised gameplay
  • Films recreated with love
  • A lot of humor all along
  • So much to see and do
  • A lot of freedom for players
  • Solid presentation

  • Occasional camera problems

  • Small cuts of performance
  • No online cooperation

Super 8/10

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