Leverkusen: Schick returns

On 18 February at the 2: 3 defeat in Mainz, Patrik Schick had caught shortly after the break. Since then, Bayer 04 had to renounce his best scorers on his with 20 leagues – and in the following six mandatory games a single victory and a draw was a whole clearly true eight goals.

Logically, that one opposes Bayer the comeback of the Czech, who has been training with the team again since this week. However, with attracted handbrake. Gerardo Seoane does not write a real meaning force the first two units of chest. “There were two units that should not be a measure. These were entry-level units with many breaks and not with high seasons and intensities. That was ideal for starting him,” explains the coach.

Yesterday after training he has already felt it. It was a long time without football.

Gerardo Seoane

Chic has to catch up after the more than five weeks of pause. “Yesterday after training, he has already felt it. It was a long time without football,” says Seoane, that the attacker not only has to be physically again on the old level, “he needs a few units, so that coordinatively needs everything plays. And there is still a bit of the head with: Are you free? Are not you free? “

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In the small game shapes without the many injured as well as the parked international, technicians did not even start all automatically. The question is now how fast he takes the last steps to comeback. Even for Seoane this is difficult forecast. “I’ll wait a week the workout is running, seeing his feedback and how the staff situation is. You can say hard today how it looks for the weekend,” the Swiss explained on Tuesday.

It is clear that chic for Bayer will become a crucial factor in the fight for a Champions League Square. From the long-term injured – next to chic are Florian Wirtz (cruciate ligament tear), Jeremie Frimpong (Syndesmoseriss), Timothy Fosu Mensah (tendon injury in the thigh) and Amine Adli (tendon tear in the thigh) – “is the only player who is still this season can come back, “emphasizes Seoane, which therefore warns to be careful.

“We are well advised to build him well. Well advised to worry about all the players we have here. This is an important task until the end of the season. We no longer have the broad squad like at the beginning,” says He at least assumes that on Saturday against Hertha BSC with chic, he does not take great risk against Hertha BSC, at most likely to schedule him as a substitute. Is the left foot to be significant for Bayer 04 that you could make a check as easy.

“Patrik has shot most of the goals. He is an important part. I can not deny that it is important to come back – no matter what role,” explains Seoane. “I assume that he will make us an important contribution to the rest of the rest.” On Saturday probably at most as part-time power.

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