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Whether you wanted to wait for the end of the World First Race at Blizzard , before you take larger adjustments to the classes and plays in Wow, of course, we do not know. However, since a look at the current balancing is enough to realize that some specs urgently could tolerate a buff, this guess is quite close. But whatever the reasons for the long wait, now it’s time. On the id change tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30, 2022, we get a whole series of buffs for different classes – and also a Nerf. Many of these class fits were already announced last weekend. **

The latter concerns the Guardian Druids and their 4-set bonus. This is disproportionately strong in mythical-plus dungeons and is now artificially braked slightly, but without losing potential in RAID. The developers remove the fact that the bonus scales endlessly with the number of opponents and bring it to a line with many other area effects in the game, which cause less damage per opponent when the opponent number increases.

All class adjustments come into force only on the ID change on Wednesday morning.

Classifications in WOW – March 30 2022


  • Death Knight
    • Unholy
    • [With RealM Restarts] Increases all damage by 5%.
  • Druid
    • Guardian
    • (4) Set bonus: Angle of the architect now causes less damage with more than 5 goals.
      • Benefits of developers: the fact that “angle of the architect” harms an unlimited number of goals is contrary to the philosophy, which we have already applied to other similar skills in the shadow lands. For this reason, we implement a correction for this bonus that reduces damage to more than 5 goals. In addition, we will observe the performance of this bonus and make further adjustments if the need is the need. We thank you for your feedback on this bonus!
    • wildness
    • [With realm restarts] The total damage has been increased by 3%.
    • [With Realm-Restarts] The damage of Urzorn has been increased by 10%.
    • [With RealM restarts] The damage of brutal slots has been increased by 20%.
    • [With realm restarts] The damage of the Prankwist was increased by 15%.
    • [With realm restarts] The damage of Hauen increased by 20%.
  • Hunter
    • animal rule
    • [With realm-restarts] predators now causes from 8 targets (previously 5) reduced damage.
    • [With realm restarts] The total damage has been increased by 3%.
  • Mönch
    • Nebelwister

WoW FERAL 9.2 AOE BUFFS - Latest Blizzard Blue Post
* [With realm restarts] The damage of twirling cranes has been increased by 30%.

  • rogue
    • Legalness
    • [With Realm-Restarts] Blades swirls now finds opponents near 50% of normal damage (previously 40%).
  • Shaman
    • Elemental
    • [With realm restarts] All damage has been increased by 5%.
  • Sorcerer
    • Destruction
    • [With realm restarts] All damage has been increased by 5%.
  • Warrior

* [With realm restarts] Teeth together ignore 55% of the damage (previously 50%).
 * **Protection**
 * [With realm restarts] Demoralizing call now reduces the damage to cause the enemies to be 25% (previously 20%).
 * [When restarting the Reich] Teeth Band together for 35 anger (before 40 anger).
 * [With RealM restart] The cooldown of magic reflection was reduced to 20 seconds (previously 25 seconds).
 * [With realm-restarts] Front fighters reduces the damage suffered by 15% (previously 10%).

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