Ghostwire: Tokyo, the five keys why you can not miss it

You have very little left to be able to walk through the streets of Tokyo. Tango Gameworks, the studio captained by Shinji Mikami, shows in Ghostwire: Tokyo Your most personal project. This new thriller of action and adventure for a player allows you to embrace the Japanese culture in a unique way thanks to the potential of the new generation . And is that the title completely breaks the studio trend in its lJapaneset jobs. We tell you the keys why you can not miss the Bombazo for PS5 of the month of March.

Explore Tokyo Calle to Calle: PJapanesesion for Japanese Culture

From the beginning Ghostwire: Tokyo allows you to explore the districts of the Japanese capital street to Calle. The courtyard of neighbors A block of apartments can be the strength of a powerful Yokai. The key design of the city revolves around a perfect balance between realism and the supernatural. Do you need supplies? Look for the posters of the supermarkets ruited by a few special beings. Do you prefer to find new exploration venues? Purifies the temples under the Torii doors and pushes the demons to occupy other areJapanese further away.

The headquarters of its creators is installed on the artificial island of Odaiba, right in the heart of Tokyo Bay. The team breathes and lives Japanese culture on their day to day; They work in the same place that they intend to move to the digital world. The players will immediately recognize Japanese popular enclaves Japanese the crossing of Shibuya or the Tokyo Tower . But work goes beyond presenting the icons of the city: the Japanese culture is breathed at all levels. The way in which Japanese folklore is represented, the customs of the life of its citizens… you can expect a faithful representation of the elements that make capital so special.

The new Horizon of Tango Gameworks

The legacy of Shinji Mikami at the Survival Horror wJapanese the seed of the first Gameworks Tango projects. Delivery of the Franchise The Evil Within used terror Japanese a common denominator for fans’s delight. Ghostwire: Tokyo changes schedule to offer a title centered on the action, a thriller loaded with adrenaline where you will have to make a step between dozens of demons willing to hunt you. This new perspective combines the talent of the study with the flexibility of gender, away from Survival Horror.

Los Yokai, enemies tall

The supernatural forces of Japanese mythology patrol the streets of Tokyo in search of new prey. In the game you will face unusual forces in the videogame industry. kuchisake , for example, are long figure demons that hold sharp scissors. It represents the search for revenge of a woman murdered at her husband’s husband. Others, such Japanese AmewarJapanesehi , look like children dressed in a yellow rainfall. When you detect your presence, you will alert others Yokai from the surroundings to come in your help. If you know the myths and legends of Japan you will recognize much of the demons.

Dynamic combat: launches powers from the yolk of your fingers

Ghostwire: Tokyo - PlayStation Showcase 2021:

The combat of Ghostwire: Tokyo is another of his identity halls. Akito, the protagonist, may launch powers that influence different ways in demons. One of those that you will unlock at the beginning of the game allows you to launch wind projectiles that deform the enemies in real time. Doing enough damage you can discover your core, which you can start when you run them with the spectral strings. This is just one of the examples of the skills you will find during your progress, which combine with other physical tools, such Japanese arches. You can improve them to expand their powers.

An authentic game of new generation

Ghostwire: Tokyo hJapanese been developed thinking about taking advantage of the PS5 potential. The new generation offers the tools to the Japanese team to build your vision of Tokyo without barriers between the player and what happens on the screen. From the capabilities of the DualSense to the technical muscle, everything works Japanese a single entity that raises the experience at impossible levels to achieve so far. Neon posters starring Tokyo Photograph Color Scenario thanks to the use of ray trace. The SSD memory, on the other hand, significantly reduces loading times to enter into action immediately. Action that you will feel in the palm of the hands with the use of adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback of the PS5 command. You will feel the answer of everything you do on stage in a unique and recognizable way.

Your trip to Tokyo is about to start

Have you convinced you? Well, you will not have to wait long to experience it for yourself. Ghostwire: Tokyo will be marketed from March 25 at PS5 and PC. Users of PS Plus will have exclusive advantages for reserving it in digital format through PS Store. The standard edition will have a 10% discount until March 24. From its recommended sale price (69.99 euros) you can buy it for 62.99 euros during that strip. If you can not wait until the day 25 , the Deluxe Digital Edition allows you to start playing from March 22 , three days before the rest of the players. In addition, bonuses are included Japanese the package of urban outfits, the Kunai weapon and the shinobi attire. All for 80.99 euros until March 24 if you are a PS plus member; Once the promotion is over, it will cost 89.99 euros.

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