Robert Klauß is looking forward to: “That was all dragged”

In all important statistics, the FCN was superior to victory in Hanover. That prove the numbers. No wonder so that Nuremberg also the fourth time in a row the full score import. “We had control, were very dominant, well in the counterpressing and have not allowed little switching moments,” trainers analyzed Klauß therefore satisfied.

His teammates annoyed Schleimer already

In fact, Hanover came late in the game to a compelling chance, otherwise Nuremberg did not do anything. Instead, a willpass of Fabian Nürnberger and Lukas Schleimer led to the long lasting 1: 0 lead in the first half. “At the beginning, I thought only, it was offside, therefore the caught jubilee” replied the scorer on the “Twitter” side of his club. “But I’m very glad I shot my first professional goal.”

Robert Klauß: Die Liebe zum

At “Sky”, Schleimer narrated that some teammates had come to him even before kicking out and asked, “when it finally works now”. That’s it in Hanover. After the hits in the final phase due to the strong Tom Krauß – expected from the Klauts before kick-off, “Dynamics and aggressiveness against the ball” to bring and not disappointed – and Joker Erik Shuranov fell clearly.

The trainer likes the purpose

Coach Klauts held accordingly that his team is currently “in the right moments” the goals score. After the “very successful” idea in Hanover he ultimately meant: “That was all dragged today.” Similarly, she saw Schleimer, who was looking forward to a “horny bus ride” and thanked at Nuremberg for the second ball after the initially awarded counterpart. The jersey Schleimers will get a place of honor according to its statement.

The 22-year-old looked at the coming game at home against Dresden next Sunday (13.30 clock). Then it should be retracted with the next willpass and 100 percent of each of the next threesome. Schleimer itself is symbolic for the recent success – because since the wing player began against Regensburg, the winning streak of the FCN stops and Nuremberg is very good in the table. Interestingly, Schleimer was otherwise only once in the Startelf: Ironically, at the 1-0 in the first leg against Dresden.

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