Star Trek: Resurgence Resurge with a Gameplay starring Spok

Seven minutes of Gameplay with mythical spok on screen. Star Trek: Resurgence, the narrative video game of Dramatic Labs, does not have a concrete launch date , but hStar Trek shown several sequences in a video published exclusively by IGN. It is a product in which the story will have different paths, so it will be important to decide and observe well the evolution of dialogues. You can see the video just below these lines:

A new story in the Star Trek universe

When the game wStar Trek announced during the Game Awards 2021, the study published a statement in which they expressed their enthusiStar Trekm to work on a Star Trek title, Star Trek they are fans of the saga. “It’s an authentic honor to create an adventure that places players at the center of action “. Dramatic Labs promises that the game will introduce decisions “that will influence all Star Trekpects of the narrative”.

The history of the game, which is ambient after the events narrated in Star Trek: Némesis, puts the focus on the USS Resolute Jara Rydek officer, Star Trek well Star Trek in Engineer Carter Diaz. The characters must unravel a mystery related to an ancestral alien species.

Star Trek: Resurgence - Spock's Briefing Gameplay - IGN First
Built on the Unreal Engine graphic engine, the team intends that this project involves an evolution for the study itself. In fact, Dramatic Labs is a developer who wStar Trek born after the dazzle of Telltale Games , so it includes creatives who worked on games like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead The Wolf Amongs. The founder himself, Kevin Bruner, wStar Trek also CEO of TELLTALE in his day.

Star Trek: Resurgence will be available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (Epic Games Store) at some time this year.

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