Celebration of the game “EVO 2022” competition lineup released! “Start V” “Melty Blood: Type Lumina” “Skull Girls 2nd Angkor”

The World’s Largest Fighting Games World Convention EVO announced its 9 competition titles of “ EVO 2022 ” held at Las Vegas from August 5th to 7th, August 5, 2022.

In addition to titles such as “ Street Fighter V ” “ Mortal Kombat 11 “, the presentation item is “ Melty Blood: Type Lumina ” and “” released in 2022 The King of Fighters XV “appears. As noted by the official Twitter, the “Large scuffle smash Brothers” series is not included in this item.

# Convention

  • Street Fighter V Championship Edition


  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

  • Tekken 7

  • THE KING OF Fighters XV


  • Dragon Ball Fighters

  • Grand Blue Fantasy Versus

  • Skull Girls 2nd Angkor

The official Twitch Channel is also releasing an announcement broadcast archive. “EVO 2022” will be held at Las Vegas, from August 5 to 7th, 2022, 2022.

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