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Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons is live! And the hype of the last days has been considered. Since 2012, more precisely for a few days before the official launch on August 28, 2012 I play Guild Wars 2. I wanted Guild Wars 1 and the beta enjoyed the successor. Over the years I have experienced every launch of an extension. And that’s what counts, not so many: Guild Wars 2 goes to his tenth year, but has now got his third extension with End of Dragons.

That it has not been boring, this is due to the “vibrant world”. This system use the developers to bring appeals to new adventures every few months. That’s great and keeps me on the ball for years. But the release of End of Dragons, especially because last in 2017 an extension has appeared is something else. But why? I’ll tell you!

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The big contents package on a blow

25 episodes of the living world have been released since the release in 2012. These are plenty of areas, weapons and armaments, success hunts, story instances, additional features such as mastery and even the fastest mount . But waiting active months each time, a bit appears again, is not so cool for a long time.

That’s why the launch of a true extension is something else: five new dominants with ship and turtle mount, several strikes, various arms sets as well as weapons collections. Here you can not save yourself from content and just choose one of many goals instead of barely choosing. I would like to be practically killed by options! The skysharing is part of the lively world – while such a mount as a mega feature of an episode is, extensions are so great that the siege turtle of end of dragons is only part of so much more. Source: Arenanet

Elite specializations are only available

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Launch Event

While the developers have shown that the lively world can produce new mounts and supplement other dominants, a feature remains exclusive extensions reserved: Elite specializations. These adjustments from our nine classes in the game have always been supplemented with Heart of Thorns. Let’s just look at the necromancers: Heart of Thorns opened the spec of the Schnitter, who processed small wood with Greater Sword opponents, while Path of Fire made a healing sand magician from him.

With End of Dragons, a drinking mixer with revolver gets out of the dark wizard! Such elite specs require a lot of development effort and apparently do not compatible with the production cycle of a living world – they can not come into play and are a tremendous topic for class balance. Nine new elite specializations in End of Dragons: The living world does not get out of our classes out of our classes. Source: Arenanet

I like to pay for that

The strongest difference to the living world is of course the price model: whoever plays and logs active, does not pay any cent for the episodes of the living world. This payment model is of course a topic for itself. But you can not get around the cost of an extension. But I see how much in it, I prefer to pay 29.99 euros or even more because I just want to say the developers: “Thank you, this content is worth it to me. Please bring other extensions too!” The icebreak saga, the latest season of the living world, was a nice attempt to replace an extension. But in the future, hopefully there is again in the change episodes of the living world and extensions.

Do you see the same? Is the release day of an extension – be it now in Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now 49.95 €) or in another MMORPG – also such a thrill experience? Or do not you need the big content packages as long as small updates come again and again? Write your opinion in the comments!

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