Lost ARK: Harmony Fragments Cultivation Guide

Lost Ark is a popular MMOARPG developed by Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studios, and published by Amazon Game Studios in English-speaking territories. Facing in the world of Arkesia, there are many things to do even after having overcome the main story. There is always more booty than pursuing and more dungeons than cultivating. Here is what you need to know about how to cultivate fragments of harmony in Lost Ark.

The harmony fragments are a type of resource that will be especially useful once you reach the final content of the game at Last Ark. They are used in the Gear Honing process to help you improve your weapons and armor, which means you will need tons of them if you want to continue increasing the level of your object.

Fragments Cultivation Guide of Lost Ark Harmony

The harmony fragments are easily grown by running chaos dungeons or the tower. Both are activities at the end of the game that you can unlock in Vern Castle, and we definitely recommend you start with these to upload the level of your team when you just enter the content of the end of the game.

  • The first method for cultivating harmony fragments is running Chaos Dungeons.

These are limited to two races per day for each character. You will have the opportunity to get fragments of enemies and you will also be rewarded with clutter crystals, which can be used to buy even more fragments. However, we recommend going with a party.

  • You can also be farmented through the tower.

The Tower is a solo game end activity that forces you to climb a tower and try to clean 50 floors of enemies. The floors become progressively harder, so you will eventually hit a wall depending on your current computer level. Even so, there is no daily limit for the tower, which means that you must progress as much as possible and cultivate your fragments of the enemies that you can defeat.

  • If you need more fragments, you can buy them from the seller of Chaos Dungeon.

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As mentioned above, the clutter crystals are one of the rewards you get by running Chaos Dungeons. Return to Vern Castle and talk to the NPC of Chaos Dungeon to deliver your crystals and get more fragments of harmony.

  • You can Farmear more fragments of the other more difficult final activities.

Abyssal Raids and Guardian Raids will also reward you with harmony articles as you defeat more enemies. However, these require higher levels of elements, so it will probably take a while to get there.

  • Finally, the harmony fragments can also be obtained by dismantling elements.

Each time you get duplicate equipment parts, right-click on them in your inventory and demolish them to recover some materials. It is not guaranteed, but you can also recover some fragments of harmony in this way.

How to use them

Once you have unlocked the Gear Honing process in Vern Castle, talk with the NPC Gear Honing, which is indicated by a gray hammer icon on your map.

A menu will appear with all available equipment parts you have to update, so click on the one you want and click on the Update button to confirm your selection. Keep in mind that the more updating a piece, the more expensive it will be to improve it even more.

Eventually you will need Harmony Leapstones and other spells of resources for weapons and armor, but if you are just starting, the SHARDS will be enough for now.

That’s all you need to know about How to Farmear Fragments of Harmony and use them at Lost Ark . Make sure you search for Game Studios to get more advice and information about the game.

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