Scorpion, domestic developer Budretter to invest strategic stake

Global Game Company Scopes went to strategic investment to strengthen mobile game business competencies in Korea.

The Scope said on the 26th that the Mobile Game Developer Burette has entered into a partnership with investment and new joint development and global publishing. This means that the scorpion is the first to enhance the competitiveness of the local scorpion as well as the first development investment in Asia, and has the meaning of the new genre lineup expansion.

The Burette, which joined the scorpion partner, is a subsidiary of Charlatans, and the talented people who are designed as a subsidiary of Yang xi Woo, and the mobile game developed in 2014. Currently, we are developing a new work of Battle Royal genre based on its own IP.

We expect the differentiated art and game design capabilities of 2023 to be released in 2023 and the ability of the game design ability and a number of years of successful service experience, as well as Korea, as well as a meaningful achievement in the global market.

Because of this scorpion investment, our team has gained a more special and creative game, and it became possible to secure a competent game development talent. Based on this, we will give up the global market for competitive game development in the global market, and will be a new global fisherman in the casual action game market. He also said, I am expecting our games to give to gamers, and the expectation of the global studios of the global studios of the scores, he said.

Vice President of Scorpion Justin Capos, is proud to be a partnership with Burettes, and the scope is very big, and the scope of the Burette is great. Many members of Fire worked with Burettes and have received great impressions to the vision of Burettes, special creative sense, and development capabilities. Scorpion and Burettes will share a game for each other’s enthusiasm, and continue to develop a game that can continue to revival to the expectations of gamers around the world.

The scope is designed to cooperate with the various studios, as well as various studios, such as Burettes, as well as building ecosystems worldwide, with the highest level of game developers worldwide. These game studios are more effectively supported game development and operation by leveraging the players, the Publishing Infrastructure, Operating System and its self-developing technology platform in Scorpio.

In addition, we have been making efforts to expand Asia in recent years, with more than 225 employees in Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo area, and acquired GSN Games in the end of the 21st and expanded its influence on Bungalows.

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