Star Wars 3: EA announces a continuation and 2 new games

EAS Exclusive license for games in the Star Wars Universe runs next year. The Publisher lays down what games from a distant galaxy until then but then again properly. The same three new games are currently at Electronic Arts.

EA announces three new Star Wars Games

At Publisher Electronic Arts are currently being created three games around the brand Star Wars . The first is a continuation of the successful Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order . The second game should be a first-person shooter and the third project a new strategy game should be developed. All three games arise under the leadership of Respawn Entertainment.

For the continuation of Star Wars Jedi, Game Director sting assumes are again responsible. According to the journalist Jason Schrader, development is already quite advanced, and he expects a release in this or next year. According to Schrader, the other two games are at the very beginning. (Source: Jason Schrader Via Twitter).

The First-Person Shooter is also developed by Respawn and also in the announcement of EA states that the work had just begun. Game Director is Peter Hirschman, who has already worked on the first battlefront parts.

For the strategy game, Respawn only occurs as a producer. The game is developed in the newly founded Studio Bit Reactor. The line there assumes Greg Fourth, who has already participated in COM and Civilization.

On ResPawn Entertainment seems to be a lot of work in the future. In addition to these three Star-Wars games, the studio also looks after Apex Legends, as well as it is already known to work on another unknown project. However, EA is also looking for new people in the course of the announcement to enlarge the teams for the many projects.

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