Comment: This hamburger way is absurd

Corona and the propagating omicron variant dictate in Hamburg everyday life, selected may not take special role in view of this critical arbitration. But at him no example should be statutory — and that’s exactly what happened to the week’s center with the new actions in the Hanseatic city.

World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | OT 6

Cross Comparison: Decision not coherent

The HSV and St. Pauli, like the Bundesliga handball and basketball players, must play back the public, which announced only before Christmas (and never applied) Senate decision to allow 4999 spectators under the open sky, was released with reference to problematic travel.

That may seem appropriate in view of the increasing incidence, in cross-compile with other events it is not. In amateur sports, 1000 fans would still be allowed, in the Elbphilharmonie may be 2000 guests — this corresponds to a total of 2100 seats of a capacity utilization of 95 percent and is not difficult to explain, but above all one: completely absurd.

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