Amazon Alexa calls for girls to electrify coin in socket

Amazon’s Language Assistant Alexa has asked for media reports a 10-year-old girl to electrify a square on a power outlet. This should have occurred as part of the challenge function of the smart speaker ECHO. If Alexa users are boring, you can challenge Alexa to a challenge.

The ten-year-old daughter of the writer Kristin Rival asked Alexa for a challenge and promptly got an answer: The challenge is simple, said the language assistant. Start a cell phone charger about half in a socket and then touch a penny at the exposed contacts.

I was right now and screamed, ‘No, Alexa, no!’ As if it were a dog, Rival explained. My daughter says she was too smart anyway to do something like that. The echo is a gift and would mainly be used as timers and playing songs and podcasts, Rival said.

Discussion about dangers by Alexa

Subsequently, a discussion burned out how dangerous language assistants such as Alexa, which gather their content mainly from search engines and third party search engines and websites, including answers to user issues or challenges. Likewise, a discourse followed why German and British sockets are safer.

Alexa had probably found the so-called Penny Challenge on the Internet, which circulates in social media. In doing so, people are missing electricity measurements for the amusement of other users of platforms such as TikTok. In addition to pain, fires can also arise. I know that you can lose fingers, hands and arms, ​​said Michael Cluster, head of the fire station Carlisle East, last year of the newspaper The Press.

Amazon Responds After Alexa Speaker Allegedly Tells Child To Do A Dangerous Challenge

Amazon did not comment on the incident, but confirmed in a statement to the online magazine Indy100 that the problem had been resolved. Customer trust is at the center of what we do, and Alexa is designed to provide customers with accurate, relevant and helpful information, an Amazon spokesman explained. When we experienced this mistake, we acted quickly to fix it.

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