Hogwarts Legacy: A Complete Guide to All Magic Creatures and Where to Find Them

In Hogwarts Heritage you will attend the Treatment Course of Magic Creatures with Professor Ho win.
Some time later on, you can obtain your Week capture bag and also your very first baby room to deal with the animals you saved in the exact space.
Take a look at our complete overview to capture animals.

How to obtain magic animals?

In total, you can capture/rescue 13 various magic creatures in the video game.
There are several ways to obtain them:
Unlocking the mounts: swaggering wing, white hypocrisy, calico, hypocrisy Onyx and sepulchral, the testing
By conserving them during second goals or the primary goal: rescues the cracker, for instance
By rescuing them in nature in their original nests or in swiping hunters cages.
The simplest way is to visit the nests of each of the creatures, as they are indicated on the map.
Once there, become undetectable with the disappointment spell and usage devious in the target creature.
After that utilize the capture bag.
Bearing in mind that if you have an energy seizure, the spell is a lot more beneficial for devious or any type of others.
It is likewise feasible to use combinations with Action.

Checklist of animals to save in Hogwarts Heritage

Some creatures are rarer than others to acquire.
Unicorn, for instance, is just located in a nest outdoors world.
The hypocrisy is more challenging to catch than others.
Keep in mind that there are numerous colors for each species in the game and also illiant (unusual) variations.

Caring for pets in baby rooms

Communications with magic animals are fairly limited.
Once put in baby rooms in your accurate room, which also function like the Newt Salamander traveling bag, you can:
Feed the creature,
Caress it,
Play with various toys,
Relabel it,
Obtain Products: You need to feed as well as caress the animal to recuperate a plume, hair and even hair.
The products animals give are very vital to improve their equipment as well as face significantly difficult adversaries.
Remember to take treatment of animals to obtain a great deal of resources and use them on your loom.

The recreation of magic animals

For this, it is necessary to capture two pets: one female and one man (this is indicated together with their names).
After that utilize a reproduction barn on one of the nursery in your exact area.

They will remain there for some time.


There are 4 baby rooms to unlock throughout your journey.
In each of them you can have 12 pets, however just from 4 various species.

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