The Last of Us: All Types of Infected from the Naughty Dog Franchise – Learn About the Evolving Dangers of The Last of Us

The dangers of The Last of Us are growing.
The more we advance in history, the more we know and understand the various types of infected in the post-apocalyptic universe created by Naughty Dog at the beginning of the last decade.
As in the game, the series also slowly ings the six evolutions of infected with codices fungus mutations -Those who just bite even those who leave the floor almost like a monster.
Those who are already familiar with the history of games know what each form of infected affects in a human being.
ATTENTION: This article may contain spoilers of the series or the game.
For those who are knowing the world lived by Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) just through the HBO series, he has certainly noticed some variations between the infected previously presented.
From the first day of the outeak, when Sarah (Nico Parker) finds his neighbor turning, until the appearance of Barack during the last episode, we saw different representations of the infected.
See then all infected from the less for the most dangerous.


Runners (Runners)
This kind of infected is what we saw after the transformation of Sarah and Joel’s neighbor.
These infected are the most fragile, so they are easily eliminated with any type of weapon.
To reach this first stage, the virus must reach the human ain the bite has been at the bottom of the body, as with SAM, the transformation can take up to two days.

At this point, the infected still has almost every feature of an ordinary human being, despite some changes in the face that ings them closer to the face of, good, vampires.
They are also the most agile type of all those infected with the ease of movement they have.


Persecutors (stalkers)
As its name implies, this second stage of the infected is what pursues.
In general, the individual at this level of infection was contaminated at least two weeks ago.
A little more intelligent and cautious than the runners, persecutors prefer to hide after dark places to attack by surprise.
About physical appearance, these infected are still behaving as humans, but their external appearance is already more consumed by fungus-specially if the virus has spread more to the head region.
In the game, we are instructed to walk more cautiously in dark places and always have firearms in hand so that we are not negatively surprised.
As a person who has played the game, I know that some parts we walk through abandoned buildings can be quite scary.


Craters (clickers)
To become an inn, the human must have been infected at least a year ago.
In the series, Ellie comments that these infected act as bats for their ability to be located in the dark using sound waves.
Because they have been infected for a long time, the cracks had their head completely transformed to resemble a large mushroom.
They are considered extremely lethal, so good, so avoid making any sound noise when they are in a region where they may be.
In melee combat, it is quite difficult to defeat a trainer.
It is advisable to maintain as much distance from these creatures as possible.



Abacus (Bloaters)
From the fourth stage of infection, contaminated humans begin to have their body entirely taken by the codices fungus mutation.
As you can see in the image above, this level causes the human to lose all his physical characteristics and resemble a kind of monster.
Abacus, however, need to be confined by a certain amount of time in a place without any interfering of light to reach this stage.
That is why, in the series, we see the first Barack leaving directly from the floor of a building.
Although they are also blind and move more slowly due to the weight of their body, the abacus have a superhuman force and can pull limbs using their own hands.
The most advisable, under any circumstances, is not being in your way.


Numbers (Shafts)
This variation of infected is very similar to the fourth stage, also requiring some time in closed places.
Because they stay in places with a lot of water-like sewers-they turn into a swollen creature.
The difference of this stage to the previous ones is that although its head is totally transformed into a large mushroom, these creatures are not entirely blind.
In the game, we can see that they can accurately aim at their victims to attack them with spore pumps, which we probably do not have in the series due to the removal of spores for television adaptation.


The King of Rats (Rat King)

Introduced only in the second game of the franchise, the King of Rats is the most terrifying infected among all presented by Naughty Dog so far.
Although it is not possible to classify it as a sixth stage because it is a unique appearance, it is certainly the most lethal variation of all.
This variation developed at Seattle Hospital after twenty years of contamination.
What we know is that the king of rats has formed through a junction of several others infected, absorbing their strength and size until it reaches this state.
The king of rats can handle fire damage, bombs and all firearms.
Even if you try to knock it down with much damage, the creature does not die in this way, the various infected that composes your body detach and begin to attack you to assist the boss.
If this creature appears in the second season of The Last of Us, it is good to prepare the psychological to avoid nightmares.

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