Prepare to Fight Nasty Monsters: Bleak Sword DX Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019

In 2019, Bleak Sword was already dragging out mobile phones through Apple Game, now the pixelated knight will soon need to stand on the PC and the Nintendo Change nasty beasts.

With this you can quickly take pleasure in the short and crispy fights against skeletons and knights far from the membership compulsion and acquire for a reward that has actually not yet been revealed.
As a deluxe variant, Bleak Sword not only gets the label DX, but also has three DLC chapter with new levels and challengers along with fresh modes in their travel luggage.

Bleak Sword DX: bite-sized and minimalist

On Steam one speaks of an approaching statement, the YouTube title declares Coming Soon, while the description specifies that Bleak Sword DX should still be released in 2023.
A very first sample is also readily available without Apple Arcade membership as part of the Steam Next Celebration: From February 6th to 13th you can try out for half an hour from the little soulslike free of charge.
The dark Darkest Dungeon 2 can also be checked there free of charge.

The decreased, however atmospheric, dull graphic fits the lightning-fast gameplay, in which the specific clashes generally only take a good minute till you move on to the next screen.


BLEAK SOULS is reminiscent of genre-size Dark Souls not just due to the fact that of the brutal employers and the dark setting, however also because of the battle system focused on changing and sword strikes.

This also uses to the puzzling story, in which she moves out, to get rid of the curse of the legendary gloom, as it states in the video game description on Steam.

If you wish to help the mini-sparse in his objective, you still need to be patient: Publisher Revolver digital did not expose a specific release date for the announcement.

The trailer for the announcement of Bleak Sword DX reveals exactly what awaits you in a minute of the previous mobile title: Happen-like pressure in deadly battles.
As a little knight, you fight from Pixel-Diorama to Pixel-Diorama, fulfill new challengers and brand-new obstacles that require fast reactions.

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