Experience the Magic of Wind Country: Kite at the First Offline User Event!

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 10th that it will hold the first offline showcase of the mobile MMORPG wind, which was developed with Super cat (CEO Kim Younger), on March 11 in the 1994 Hall of Nixon Pang yo Office.

This offline showcase is the first user invitation event since the launch of the Wind Country.
Since its launch in July 2020, it was designed to express gratitude to users who have been steadily interest and love and listen to the vivid voices of users.

In the showcase, Director Kim Jong-un will present a direct update roadmap in the first half of the year and share the development direction and planning intentions in detail, and the Q & A time to solve the various questions of users.
In particular, Q & A plan to talk not only on field questions but also the questions received through the official website to talk on a wide and diverse topic.
In addition, a user participation program will be prepared to provide different experiences and pleasures to the field participants.

Users who wish to participate in the showcase will be able to apply on the official website of the Wind until 11 am on February 22nd, and can also watch the official website and YouTube channel live on the day of the showcase.

Nixon Wind Country: Kim Jong-un, director of Kim Jong-un, said, I have no opportunity to meet with the practitioners because of the non-face-to-face environment.


I’m preparing hard to present, so I ask for a lot of applications and interests.

Wind Country: For more information on the first offline showcase of An, visit the official website.

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