1. FC Köln Announces Coach Change For Upcoming Season: Mark Zimmermann No Longer Responsible For U

  1. FC Cologne will change a coaching modification in the coming season.
    Mark Zimmermann is then no longer accountable for the U21.
    The club confirmed this on Friday.
    The already expiring Treaty of Zimmermann will not be extended in shared contract, the club stated.
    After 4 years together of the cooperation, they wished to set a new impulse in the respective development, stated the FC.
    It was very important to us to discuss the respective viewpoints from summer 2023 prior to the start of the remaining season with everybody involved, in addition to an in-depth, transparent analysis of the very first half of the season.
    Suggestions use. For this, it is important to bundle all forces together, said Lukas Berg, head of the youth efficiency.
    He added: We are convinced that Mark and his group will continue their extremely effective work and lead the team to relegation.

10 games in a row without victory for 1. FC Cologne

The U21 of 1. FC Cologne in the Regionally West is currently in 15th location.
Most just recently, Zimmermann’s group remained ten league games in a row without a win.

At the start of the 2nd half of the season, the Perfume group travel to Roadway Oberhausen on Saturday (2:00 p.m.).
When I leave FC in summer season, I was here for 4 years. Throughout this time, the jobs differed from season to season, and I grew as a coach, the coach discussed the separation.
For my training team and me, the balance in between the additional advancement of our players’ en route to the y perform and the professional area, in a strong regional league, was always vital. This will also be carried out in the staying games till completion of the season. Independent
I believe in our group and trust the boys, so we remain in the league, stated Zimmermann.
In addition to the primary coach, assistant coach Thomas Laser and goalkeeper coach Denis Eric will likewise need to take their hat off at the coming season.


  1. FC Cologne also wishes to fill these positions in its U21.

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