The Latest Update To Black Desert Mobile Is Here!

Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) has updated the new field head-headed Across on the Black Desert Mobile today (20th).

The Across, which was unveiled at the Black Desert Mobile Cal peon Banquet on the 10th, is a field head that appears in all lawless areas of the metropolitan demonstration.


There is a variety of speculations because the appearance resembling the whale does not match the desert, and there is a story that is an ancient weapon from a distant fortress.

Attacking the surrounding area with an electric field and using a large size to crush the enemy, and the air pattern that shoots the sunlight towards the ground, or the air pattern that hits the tail and body in the air.
As a successful reward, the Across loot can be received, and the loot can be exchanged and the decision of light, which is a rune-reinforced material, can be obtained.

At the same time, on December 25, the in-game background will be changed to a Christmas theme and various events will be started.
If you carry out the daily mission of logging, silver, silver, and collecting Youngkin citizens, a tree-making event will be held until 9:00 on December 27.
Collect the ingredients to create and open the Christmas tree of the Black Spirit to obtain a buff item, the holy water of light, and the decision of chaos.
You can also participate in Christmas snowballs that can enjoy the thrilling snow fight until January 1.

From 2020, the donation event will be held at the end of the year until 9:00 this year.

Pearl Abyss will donate a certain amount if all global server users collect 200,000 fruit of warm heart.
The fruit of warm heart can be obtained by collecting, mining, and logging, and can also be exchanged for 7th generation hemp, 6th generation pets, and combat plus.

For more information about the Black Desert Mobile New Field Head Apollos and Christmas events, please visit the official forum.

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