Two Point Campus: Christmas Update Celebrates The Festive Season

All the content has been written by our team of writers and this time, we have focused on humor and satire.


Christmas is in a few weeks and on the side of Two Point Campus, we chose to celebrate the event with the arrival of a completely free update.
The video game hence brings its snowpack with the pledge to redecorate its campus in the colors of the holiday.
Fir tree, light garlands, Christmas socks, colorful treats, Santa Claus sled with his reindeer, everything is there so that the Christmas spirit gets into everybody.
It is even possible to grim in elves, elf, snowman, etc.
We can likewise rely on unique difficulties such as a brand-new level of the Obstacle mode, Two Point Krampus, which requires defending students from a clever spirit that has just one desire: to ruin the festivities.
There is likewise another significant challenge: collectively gathering more dollars of the video game of the video game, in order to open an unprecedented item.

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