Fortnite Winterfest 2022 – Does Cozy Lodge have hidden things?

Cozy Lodge in Fortnite Winter fest has many interesting classes, in addition to the daily opening of gifts.
Visit this colorful house to interact with several objects.
Although some actions are obvious, are there any hidden things in Winter fest Lodge?

What can I do in Fortnite 2022 Winter fest Cozy Lodge?

There are several things that you can do in Fortnite Winter fest Cozy Lodge.
Some of them are obvious, and some are hidden in this festive house:
Unpack gifts.
Raise a piece of pizza in Cozy Lodge every day to get a reward.
Click on the sofa controller to activate a toy motorcycle.
Play with Christmas bells that can be found next to a bunch of presets on the right side of the room.
Check the refrigerator, clicking first on a stack of gifts on the left side of the screen.
Try to wake the weary Sled Ready Gruff, if you can!
Turn off the neon light in the form of a llama.
Warm up near the fireplace.

Expand Gifts in Cozy Lodge on Fortnite Winter fest 2022

Select one of two gift sets to open gifts at Fortnite Winter fest 2022. You can surprise yourself or learn more about all gifts and their contents.
You will decide!
Furthermore, you can return to this lesson every day during the Christmas event Winter fest.

earn XP, warming up by the fireplace in Fortnite Winter fest Lodge.

You can press the fire to warm yourself and get useful experience.
You get a constant flow of XP, standing next to the fireplace.


Therefore, all you need to do to blink XP in Fortnite Winter fest is to be next to fire.

So, if you have a break in the game, go to a cozy house and look into the hearth.
It is nice, relaxing and useful!
To obtain additional information about Winter fest 2022, read the section how to get a jeweling on the back of Chill-la-Lalama in Fortnite in the game guides for professionals.

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