SWTOR Ruhnuk Daily Area Guide: Solo Mission and Heroic Maps, Reputation and Rewards

If you have ever wanted to venture into the SW TOR Run Daily Area, but don’t know where to start, then this blog post is for you! This article will give you a brief overview of what you can find in the area and how to get started.

Table of contents

This guide was created based upon SW TOR 7.2 PTS. It will be updated soon after the Update launches on December 13th if there are any modifications.

  • How to Open and get to Run
  • What you can do in the Run Daily Area
  • Run Major Regions and Dailies
  • Brave Objective Tips
  • Relic Hunt Missions
  • Recommended Objective Order
  • Mandalorian Trade Reputation Rewards
  • Run Complete Maps

How to Open and get to Run

The Run Daily Location and the story arc related to it are just offered after you finish the 7.0 story arc, which means you need to finish the main story on Canaan, launched with Tradition of the Sith on each character you want to do Run dailies with.

What you can do in the Run Daily Area

The heroics count towards their own weekly along with the huge one for the entire everyday location, though completing the heroic weekly doesn’t give development towards the big weekly, so your just genuine rewards to do them are additional rewards and achievements, not advancing the main weekly.

It’s absolutely not absurd, it’s simply a bit of a dive in regard to opponent health and damage output comparable to how Issue and Anderson dailies are a bit harder than what you’ll discover in CZ-198, Great void, etc.

The heroics themselves are solvable, even the H₄, but the whole daily area will likely feel a bit more tough than you might be used to due to the fact that the opponents are really level 80. Just like with Canaan, you aren’t able to gain from level sync making you more powerful on lower-level planets.

The mission terminal is located near the Duct Maintenance Network QT point while the Relic buff terminals are situated near the track record supplier at the Mangalore Encampment QT point.

Run also features 3 exceptionally long, non-repeatable scavenger hunt objectives that each unlock long-term access to 1 of 3 buffs you’ll have access to specifically on Run. Completing the 3rd objective is likewise needed if you wish to reach the Dacron (effectively) that grants +10 Proficiency.

Run has 3 weeklies, 1 patrol daily, 7 solo dailies, 3 heroics, and 2 bonus offer objectives. The weekly mission simply requires you to finish daily 12 objectives in the Run everyday area. Given that the other weeklies and perk objectives don’t count as progress toward the main weekly, It’s difficult to finish the primary weekly in 1 day.

Run Major Regions and Dailies

Given That ANI Hanover has a last action that should be finished for one of the objectives and its in the heart of the Water Treatment Plant, you’ll want to begin with the objectives in the Excavation Zone and work your method East.

The Excavation Site features several (primarily) exclusive connections to locations consisting of the Upkeep Tunnel/ Ventilation Upkeep, Messed Up Dig Site (world employer location), Reconstructed Combat Arena (H₂ stage), and the Freight. The majority of these are brave areas, so you may have difficulty traversing them alone.

The Excavation Website is the single biggest location on Run. Its dry, dirty, and features a heavy Mandalorian presence. Any environment that once existed here has been destroyed, so it’s mainly inhospitable to wildlife.

Excavation Website

The solo day-to-day missions in this area, ANI Hanover and One Man dos Trash, are concentrated on undermining the Hidden Chain by destroying their devices and taking their stuff.

You’ll likewise require taking a trip through the Excavation Website in order to finish 2 of the heroics and gain access to the world manager, Withdrawal, so those ought to be done previously if possible.

Overgrown Mining Website

The Overgrown Mining website shifts you from the Excavation Site with a heavy Mandalorian existence to the more natural landscape with streaming water in addition to native plants and animals as you move towards the Dilapidated Water supply Integrated with the classic structure and access to numerous tunnels, the Overgrown Mining Website is, in my viewpoint, the area that’s most emblematic of Run as a whole.

The Dilapidated Water supply is basically the reverse of the Excavation Website, its fairly small and features a load of water and animals in lieu of Mandalorian. Considering that there are a lot of animals, it’s the very best location to make progress on the Run Rarebit mission.

The Overgrown Mining Website includes exclusive connections to the Reclaimed Mining Site and Comms Tower. The Comms Tower is a story phase whose entryway lies inside the Reclaimed Mining Website, but there are numerous objectives that refer to the Comms Tower, which shows up from the outside when the objective is actually situated in the Reclaimed Mining Website.

Outside attempting to reach the Reclaimed Mining Site, you’ll requirement to go to the Overgrown Mining Website for a portion of one of the heroics and also acquiring the Dacron (after completing the Relic Hunt objectives).

Dilapidated Waterworks.

You can’t fast travel to the Overgrown Mining Website, though the region is sandwiched by QT points situated at the edges of nearby areas consisting of Excavation Overlook at the Excavation Site and Outpost Delta simply throughout the Verdant Gorge, so it doesn’t take too long to reach this location.

Going through the Dilapidated Waterworks is also the only method to reach the Water Treatment Plant

The Natural Resources objective is hard as it is an H₄, however its incredibly short, whereas Non-traditional Techniques is pretty unforgiving, so I in fact recommend doing that instead if you can handle it or bring a pal along.

The Water Treatment Plant is potentially the biggest indoor area on Run. While it doesn’t have any unique interconnects, there are 3 missions to complete: What’s in the Works?, Non-traditional Techniques, and the H₄, Natural Resources.

Water Treatment Plant.

Let’s not forget the beginning location, which comprises 3 levels: Arid Wastes, Duct Upkeep Network, and Mangalore Encampment.

Starting Area

Level 3: Arid Wastes

The Dry Wastes are primarily there to reveal you what exists above the canyons you browse. There are no day-to-day mission goals here and you’ll just wind up going here to find a single thing for among the Antique Hunt missions.

Level 2: Duct Upkeep Network

The Duct Upkeep Network is the level you arrive at and includes the day-to-day objective board.

Level 1: Mangalore Encampment

Mangalore Encampment is the most affordable level and features the clicking for the relics from the Antique Hunt objectives along with the Trade Reputation Supplier and drop-off point for a couple of the missions.

Minor Location Interconnections

The objectives are positioned pretty well though, so as long as you stand on top of the markers, you need to have view on at least 1 of them.

The Strongest Hyperlinks (H₂).

The major areas are linked to each other via smaller tunnel systems and canyons that are each linked to multiple other locations, both minor and significant.

See the customized maps at the end of the post for a more easy-to-understand and comprehensive appearance of Runs adjoining locations and areas.

The Strongest Links objective is quite straightforward with 2 actions. The first has you pointing your Macro binoculars upwards from the Overgrown Mining Website. The 2nd just needs you to clear out a phase called the Reconstructed Fight Arena that’s linked to the Excavation Website.

There are 3 heroic missions. They’re quite comparable to other everyday location and conquest occasion heroics, though the mission goals are often a bit more made complex, so they deserve a more devoted description.

  • Hollow Gorge links to:
  • Cliffside Tunnel Network
  • Ventilation Shaft/ Primary Ventilation Tunnel (infinite electrical power shaft).
  • Duct Maintenance Network/ Mangalore Encampment.
  • Cliffside Tunnel Network links to:.
  • Hollow Chasm.
  • Dilapidated Waterworks.
  • Overgrown Mining Site.
  • Ventilation Shaft/ Main Ventilation Tunnel connects to:.
  • Hollow Chasm.
  • Maintenance Tunnel/ Ventilation Upkeep.
  • Excavation Website.
  • Maintenance Tunnel/ Ventilation Maintenance links to:.
  • Ventilation Shaft/ Primary Ventilation Tunnel.
  • Hollow Gorge.
  • Verdant Gorge connects to:.
  • Dilapidated Waterworks.
  • Station Delta.
  • Overgrown Mining Site.

Weak Links (H₂).

For the Macro binocular part, there’s an area I’ve found where you can get 3 of the 5 antennae:.

After you’ve finished the Macro binocular step, you’ll have to head to the Reconstructed Combat Arena at the Excavation Website. It’s basically just a brave area with a little mini-boss trio at the end. They do not pose too much of a threat so long as you get out of their numerous telegraphs.

This objective is extremely long in my viewpoint. I only advise doing it if you prepare to do all the other objectives, so you can complete it en route. Your first goal is to find 3 data pads each situated in different heroic-difficulty tunnels connected to the Excavation Site.

Brave Mission Tips.

Make sure you do the one in the Freight Center last since the next step in this objective is also deep in the Freight!

There’s a little story with the Status Report mission items you get too!

There are 2 actions to this mission, though you’ll most likely total the very first as you do the other missions and combat your way through the Water Treatment Plant given that its simply collecting tags from groups of beast master garbage with Tiebacks.


In the Daily Area on Run you can pick up and total three non-repeatable Relic Hunt Missions. They are really long and cause the Run Dacron, which will approve you +10 Proficiency Points when you find it.

To get to the Dacron, you require to first complete all 3 Antique Hunt missions. The 3rd one will provide you a buff that you need in order to get to the Dacron.

Recommended Mission Order for SW TOR Run Dailies.

When doing your daily routine on Run, this is the path and order I recommend for you to follow. There is no other way to do all the dailies and heroics without at least a bit of backtracking, however if you do them in the ideal order, you can prevent a significant quantity of it.


Run has a complex and puzzle-like map. The locations of the planet you can explore are both on the surface, underground and inside large and small structure complexes. If you don’t understand the environment and how the locations are linked to each other, there are a lot of Solo and Heroic Daily Missions to keep you occupied for hours.

Its significantly easier just to utilize the jump pads to reach it, but you need to do the Antique Hunt objectives for that.

Take out the 2 Tieback monsters first and disrupt as a number of their attacks as possible. Usage nearly all of your CDs while they’re still alive, possibly just conserving 1 for the Champion since your healer companion and passive survivability must suffice against You may require to kite him around a bit while your buddy heals you up.

We have actually created a different in-depth guide to the Run Dacron and have also consisted of detailed walkthroughs to the Antique Hunt Missions.

Recommended Objective Order.

The 2nd step is a difficult encounter where you have to beat 3 opponents: 2 elites and 1 champ. It is solvable, but you should use a discipline with strong rotational AOE (a Dot specification) and decent survivability since they each separately struck quite hard.

After you’ve collected the 3 status reports from the data pads, you’ll requirement to (effort to) utilize among the various Mainframe consoles in the Freight Center, but you’ll discover that your Access is rejected, so you’ll need to loot some security tags from an officer and after that go utilize one.


You’ll have to transmit the Data grid to allies from a high area at the Excavation Site (the one at the Water Treatment Plant won’t work).

Relic Hunt Missions.

Natural Resources (H₄).

  1. Acquire missions and relics. Avoid to 5 if you aren’t doing heroics.
  2. If you’re doing the heroics, begin with Outpost Delta, head West to the Overgrown Mining Site, securing Dew back, Brewing, and Tieback en route for Run Rarebit. You don’t require going out of your method to eliminate any, there will be lots as you travel towards the Excavation Website.
  3. Get In the Reclaimed Mining Facility (utilize the Eastern entrance), burn the Clan Harangue Banner, and defeat Dylan Harangue. If doing the heroics, do the Macro binocular element for Strongest Hyperlinks also.
  4. Head into the Cliffside Tunnel Network.
  5. From the Cliffside Tunnel Network, take the Hollow Gorge exit and head into the Ventilation Shaft. Burn the Amanda flag and defeat Pan Morris and after that either take a detour into Ventilation Maintenance for the Weak Links Brave or skip to 8.
  6. If you aren’t doing the heroics or have the Repulsed System antique, quick Travel (QT) to the Machine Scrapyard. Go to the Excavation Overlook rather if you are doing the heroics and don’t have the Repulsed System.
  7. Head to the Reconstructed Combat Arena to round off the Strongest Links H₂, then go to the Ruined Dig Site to pick up the 2nd data pad for the Weak Links H₂. Do the Ruined Dig site initially if you have the Repulsed Pulse relic, till be a bit much faster given that you can QT out of the Reconstructed Battle Arena.
  8. QT to Maker Scrapyard.
  9. Collect Mango garbage and sabotage vehicles for One Man dos Garbage… and ANI Hanover respectively as you circle your way down to the bottom of the Excavation Site. Your goal is to reach the Clan Farad flag.
    Burn the Farad Flag and beat Grim got Farad. If not doing heroics, avoid to 12.
  10. Head into the Freight Center for the last data pad for Weak Hyperlinks and round off all goals there.
  11. Head to the high point.
  12. QT to Dilapidated Waterworks.
  13. Complete Run Rarebit and burn the Assad Flag and defeat Sasha Ruth.
  14. Go Into the Water Treatment Plant, preferably from the Jump Pad to prevent a bit of backtracking.
  15. Complete all mission objectives within Water Treatment Plant. Enter into the spaces with the goals that are closest to your existing position.
  16. QT to the Excavation Website, Overlook if you don’t have the Repulsed System relic, otherwise Maker Scrapyard. Use the Repulsed System consistently to climb up the Southern edge of the Excavation website or travel through Ventilation Upkeep.
  17. QT to Mangalore Encampment to turn in One Man dos Garbage… and Run Rarebit.

Mandalorian Trade Reputation Benefits.

Run Wayfarer.




Full Run Map with recommended course and order of all objectives.


They reveal the entire Run Daily Area with all the small map sectors stitched together to form a big map of the entire world, including surface locations, underground tunnels, and interiors of buildings. Whatever you require on one big map.

The Credibility vendor contains 2 armor sets, an installation, 2 titles, and a lot of decks. Not all decks are available for sale from the vendor, though; Some are only available as drops in the world, similar to Issue.

There are 4 different Master Maps offered. The first map has all the area highlighted and all underground/interior locations have a faded impact. The 2nd map has all the interior areas and underground tunnels highlighted, and the surface area sections are faded. The third full-size map has the recommended course you need to take to finest enhance your everyday routine. If you are not doing the Heroics, the 4th map reveals the advised path.


Solo + Heroics.

There are a load of decks with prices ranging from 112,500 to 1 million. At least some of these decks can drop from enemies in the wild and there are some decks that are not purchasable from the vendor. Credibility requirements are various for each decor.

Complete Run Map with area highlighted.

While it doesn’t have any exclusive interconnects, there are 3 missions to complete: What’s in the Works? I just recommend doing it if you prepare to do all the other missions, so you can finish it on the way.

The Run Wanderer set costs 1.35 m overall and all pieces can be gotten by the time you reach Hero standing with the Mandalorian Trade.

There are no guidelines to which objectives you should do. You can do them in whatever order you want, whenever you want. This advised order is for the maximalists who want to complete as numerous as possible in the fastest amount of time.

There are 2 titles for sale that use the Basic language, in contrast to the ones given by the reputation track that are in Random. Each title costs a million credits to unlock.

Run Full Maps.

Solo Only (No Heroics).



Run has 3 weeklies, 1 patrol daily, 7 solo dailies, 3 heroics, and 2 bonus offer objectives. The weekly objective simply needs you to finish daily 12 missions in the Run day-to-day location. Since the other weeklies and reward objectives do not count as progress toward the main weekly, It’s impossible to complete the main weekly in 1 day.

Complete Run Map with interiors and underground areas highlighted.

The Run Wayfarer set expenses 5.25 m overall and all pieces need Legend standing with the Mandalorian Trade.

Armor Sets.

© Alex.


Wetlands Mud horn Mount.

Run Wanderer.

The Wetlands Mud horn costs 1 million credits and requires Legend standing with the Mandalorian Trade.

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