Preparation Guide to 19

We are all anxiously sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for the release of the 19th season. But at the same time, it is important to make sure that you are maximally prepared for the assault on the next season. This is how we recommend preparing while you are waiting for the next great moment in the history of Destiny 2.

Preparation Guide for the 19th season Destiny 2

Clean house

There are several things that we recommend doing on the eve of any new season, but the most important practice that we recommend is to clear our repository. Free the place for new falling out, removing the unnecessary items that you kept over the previous season.

If you have problems with Marie Condo in your vault, this is how we decide what causes joy in our own storage facilities. First, create assemblies with your armor before dismantling all the exotic armor that you do not need. Then remove the duplicates of the weapon or objects that lay in the storage for more than a year. After that, you should have enough space to calmly meet the new season.

Remember that most of the appointment materials cannot be obtained after the beginning of the 19th season. This means that fragments of twilight light, a micropascal data grille, helium threads, branches of the Baryon, spinning metal leaves and an ice cream flow will still be in your inventory, but you will not be able to get them during the game. Use them now before their goal becomes almost invalid.

Unlock subclasses

You will also want to try to unlock your subclasses as much as possible. It is expensive, so it is so important to use the time between the seasons, because you can focus your energy on a simple unlock.

In addition, we recommend collecting your exotic collection, because the new season changes the balance between subclasses and archetypes of weapons. This will change what exotic meters are. If you want to play with this, collect as much exotic as possible before the changes occur.


awards and public events

Finally, make sure that you received all the awards from the merchants before the new season begins, and your reputation from merchants will be reset. Any of your unclaimed awards will be lost, so you should capture them, even if you only plan to make out the reward.

Thanks to the current event of the community for most seasonal events, captain coins are falling out. Having donated coins, you can get gift boxes, workshops and much more, especially if you were looking for some kind of Delight weapon.

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