How to get a basilisk pistol in a demilitarized zone

DMZ has several fractions missions that players can fulfill to get such awards as operator skins, smuggling weapons and experience. The third level of level 1 for the White Lotus faction, Badge of Honor, gives you the task of acquiring a Basilisk revolver, which can be found in the police sections of Asmara.


where to find police areas in a demilitarized zone

During our study, the DMZ card we came across two police sections. The first police station that we found was in Maviz Marisa District near the docks. The next police station was on the outskirts of Asmara City. We noted the exact location of these two police sites on the map above.

How to get a pistol of a basilisk in a demilitarized zone

The Basilisk pistol randomly appears in Asmara, and it can usually be found in police areas. Ours was found in a police station in the city of Mavis Mars lends region, region. Having reached the place, eliminate all A soldiers guarding the building. Then go inside the police station and search each shelf, room and floor until you find the Basilisk revolver, as we did. To fulfill the mission of the white lotus faction Badge of Honor, you will need to kill 13 enemies with shots from the same weapons. You can kill bots in nearby areas to fulfill this task.

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